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    Astral Driver - Boost, Buck, & Sepic

    He is on feebay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F162976050504
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    Waterproof ebay 488

    Neat. Just ordered one. Thanks for sharing.
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    New Video Sanwu 90mW 520nm vs. 530nm

    One issue that comes to mind about Sanwu and 532 is that they have such nice hosts but it seems the 532 modules are very hit and miss. For a $100 + shipping 90mw 532 laser my expectations will be quite high. In other words the modules better be worthy of the host and price point. A centered and...
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    Might be a stupid question but,,,

    This question is off topic but not worth making a new thread. Problem is I would like to make my laser66 pen power button board to function by pressing once for on and again for off. Is this already available retail in this specific form factor? If not Can I use the laser66 board and buy the...
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    Just had to!

    Bob, I’m trying to be good and your not helping here. I’m glad it’s $400 because that will take longer to rationalize that I need this....for my mountain bike...where’s my wallet...
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    Survival Laser S4X duty cycle

    The stainless steel host is very nice. Heavy and shiny. Mine holds my last NDG4216. And FYI the SL aluminum heatsinks are rather short the extended tapered copper heatsinks are the way to go with either of your choices. The SL focus tips are very nice but a little pricy @ $10 but I have a few.
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    317718 I Want My Other Refund Of 75.79 USD Back

    Rep in the millions!? I wasn’t gone that long...wth happened here? Lmao
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    Osram PLT5-488 Aspire Mod

    Nice build. The gold grounding piece and the nylon positive terminal piece caught my interest. Very clean method. Can you tell me more about the two additions mentioned above? Source?
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    Survival Laser S4X duty cycle

    Consider the space requirements. Using the driver shelf pill and a half sized copper back half will give a good fit. The diode/driver module with the aluminum back half may have to protrude from the hosts heatsink due to available space. Send SL an email or pm Garoq with your concerns as he can...
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    Sharp 490nm GH04850B2G 55mW Laser Diode

    Dreading that hold music for 45+minutes. Do you think going to the delivery hub would be any better than dealing with a phone rep?
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    Sharp 490nm GH04850B2G 55mW Laser Diode

    I am so fed up with usps. Their site says delivered but it’s not in the mailbox. Mad af right now with them. Gah! Arrived next day. Built my first laser 66 pen. What a color.
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    Sharp 490nm GH04850B2G 55mW Laser Diode

    Decided to browse the shop and saw the new arrival! One on order. Is there a box shaped reflection with these sharps?
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    I quit

    Lol. I love it.
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    Any Vapers Here?

    Been cig free for a few years thanks to vaping. Now I have cut back on vaping with nicotine gum go figure. The 510 modules DTR used to sell are what brought me here to the forum. Couple grand later I have more lasers than I know what to do with.
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    Astral Driver - Boost, Buck, & Sepic

    One of each came wired from astralist. Never really got the juice out of the boost drivers. The pico drivers seemed to jump from high to low with nothing really in between. No issues from the buck drivers other than really fast ramp up towards the high end of the pot adjustment. Paul what did...
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    Bitcoin Discussion

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    Wonderful coincidence + my return

    Lets find another block! Yeah saw his name come up in the chat box and my world became very small. Had some thoughts about the Truman Show. Out of all variables paths crossed. Crazy right?
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    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Hey your back! Get better Paul. And put a hustle on it! :beer:
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    Advice needed, JetLasers 520nm and 465nm

    No 532nm? My 400mw reads 700mw for a minute or two. Nice round output.
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    Wow.. Just Wow... Google is spying on you...

    Throw some sand in the gears https://adnauseam.io