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  1. edslittleworld

    2014 Wicked Laser Krypton (532 NM) + B/E + Lens Kits + Extras

    Used only lightly. In mint condition. Comes with two sets of optional lenses, holster, manual, an extra tailcap and a 10X long range beam expander. Asking $800 for all, but am open to discussion over pricing.
  2. edslittleworld

    Is simply shining a Class 3+ laser into the sky illegal?

    I am curious on the legality of shining a very visible green Class 3+ laser into the sky...assuming it's not purposely directed at any aircraft, buildings, cars or people. I live in the SW USA. Mainly, I'm curious how they are regarded as they're still pretty rare among the population in...
  3. edslittleworld

    Wicked Laser Spyder 3 Krypton (532) + Full Accessories + Expander

    Here is a mint condition WL Krypton with an 850mW output in 532nm. It comes with an extra tailswitch, both lens kits, holster, manuals, beam expander, etc. I'm asking $1000, but am open to offers. PS: If you're on this post to just trash Wicked Lasers, please take it somewhere else. Thanks!
  4. edslittleworld

    Will a new Jetlaser 532 be better than my Krypton?

    I'm thinking of ordering a Jetlaser PL-E Pro (532nm). I've been very happy with my Wicked Laser Krypton (>800mW)...especially since I bought it for under $800. Will I be impressed, satisfied or disappointed as I've enjoyed my WL Krypton for several years now. I've been hesitant on ordering...
  5. edslittleworld

    Do laser diodes have a shelf life?

    I was looking at the Wicked Laser webpage and they state that laser diodes have a shelf life of 3-4 years. Two of my beloved greenies (Dragonlaser & WL Krypton) are 2014 vintage. Can I expect them to die in the next few years? I barely use them (<1 minute/day), but try to operate them at...
  6. edslittleworld

    Are the Optotronics RPL 532 series the best...

    ...handheld laser without regard to price? On their website, a 375mW is still over $1000. That's much more than my 850mW 532 WL Krypton with accessories.
  7. edslittleworld

    How do you use your Class 4 Greenies?

    To those of you who own Class 4 green (and other wavelength) lasers...how do you use them and enjoy them? Do you blast them into the night sky? Burn things? Special effects?
  8. edslittleworld

    How legal are Class 4 laser pointers?

    Are Class 4 laser pointers 100% legal with regards to selling, buying, transporting, etc? Other than trying to blind people and blasting airplanes, is their use pretty much unlimited? I'm asking because I'm also a drone pilot and regulations are really tightening up. I have to admit that I...
  9. edslittleworld

    Overboosted 5mw laser?

    I just bought a cheapo greenie off ebay for $5 and it is rated at 5mW. However, it is extremely bright and somewhat compares to my Dragon Laser 532nm - 200mW or my Wicked Laser 532nm on low power...but only for about 10 seconds. My guess is that it's briefly at over 50mW, then power drops...
  10. edslittleworld

    Reliability of Wicked Laser Spyder (Krypton) series?

    Has anyone heard of any reliability issues with the Spyder series lasers...specifically the more complex 532nm Kryptons? I've owned mine for almost six months and have had no issues, but the output will vary quite a bit during warmup. Supposedly, they all have a 100% duty cycle. Is that...
  11. edslittleworld

    Spare Parts Availability Important?

    Hello...I'm a proud owner of a Wicked Lasers Krypton. I don't mind the high cost, but I am starting to think of spare parts availabilty. With my flashlights (Surefire, Nitecore, Fenix, especially), you can easily buy tailcap switches, special O-rings, crowns and such. I'd like to buy a...
  12. edslittleworld

    Are your lasers insured?

    I'm starting to accumulate at least a thousand dollars in lasers. If somebody broke into my home and stole them...would my homeowners policy even remotely cover them? Normally, I keep them in a gun safe...but not all the time. Is this really a consideration?
  13. edslittleworld

    Has anyone experience a laser injury?

    I am curious. Has anyone on this forum heard of actual eye damage due to reflections, scatter or such? I'm pretty careful when close up burning with my 200mW Spartan and 750mW Krypton. I have some Eagle Pair goggles that work great. However, I do like observing diffuse reflections on...
  14. edslittleworld

    Best Class 4 Green (532nm) Laser?

    I just sold my 520nm Wicked Laser Krypton and would like to buy a Class 4 laser with the 532nm configuration. If I could find a 532nm Krypton above 750mW, I'd buy it. I have been considering a Jetlaser PL-E, but I am suspicious when I see a range of power outputs range from 300mW to 800mW...
  15. edslittleworld

    Window Cutting Laser in Mission Impossible

    As I get older, I really notice inconsistencies in movies. Remember that scene with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible (Ghost Protocol) cutting a hole in a window with a small handheld laser? Imagine how many watts that would truly take and then...the insane glare. I'm sure more than a few...
  16. edslittleworld

    Just got my Wicked Laser Krypton (520nm)

    I know that a lot of people on this forum have disdain for Wicked Lasers, but I had to have one...mainly because I was going to flip it on eBay. So, I found a third party in Canada to buy one for me at a small discount. It's big, but not disappointing in quality. Plus, it's supposedly over...
  17. edslittleworld

    Laser Goggle Practice all the time?

    Hello, I have a few lower powered green lasers (under 200 mW). When I'm in the house blasting and burning stuff, I always wear some good quality Eagle Pair goggles. However, when I'm out shooting in the sky at night or blasting far away objects...I don't always wear my goggles...mainly...
  18. edslittleworld

    Buying a Wicked Laser thru a Third Party Source

    Hello, I'm interested in buying a Wicked Laser, but prefer a new one. I guess the only way we (in the USA) can buy one is to use a third party source outside the country. There are two guys on eBay that are doing it. One seems reputable, but charges a 100% premium. There's another user...
  19. edslittleworld

    Dragon Laser Spartan vs Jetlaser PL-E Pro

    I have owned an Optotronics 125 mW pen green laser, a Wicked Laser Krypton 300 mW and a Dragon Laser Spartan green 200mW. I sold the first two and kept the latter due to it's compact size and great UI system. In my opinion, the Optotronics had a momentary switch that was way too easy to...
  20. edslittleworld

    Is a beam expander worth the money?

    I'm thinking of buying a Jetlaser PL-E Pro in 300 mW. The 10X beam expander is an additional $90. Is it worth it? Also, what does it do that the focusable part of the laser not do?