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  1. Paddy

    Jet lasers Pl-E Pro 532 "300mw"

    300mw rated, lpm'd over the years I've owned this up until last year due to selling my lpm. Was stable between 400-450 with peaks just over 500 though as I haven't been able to meter it this year will claim as the rated 300mw to avoid confusion. Stored inside an airtight box the whole time apart...
  2. Paddy

    Protected 18650 advice.

    Ok so i've had a look about the forum/internet and can't seem to find the answer to my question (unless i'm using the wrong keywords to search) I received some xtar 3100mah protected 18650s and they were to wide to fit into my pl-d pro, so i removed the outer packaging to reveal the Panasonic...
  3. Paddy

    WTB: High capacity 18650+ Charger (UK/EU)

    Looking for a genuine high capacity 18650, it's to be used in a 600mw 532nm laser. I'm assuming around 3000+ mah should do the trick, I've looked at some sites but I'm not sure which batteries are genuine, if anyone could link me or has some to sell I'd appreciate it. (I'll try to reply asap but...
  4. Paddy

    Burnt out lens Spartan 1W Advice. (Big Images)

    Ok so i've had my spartan for about 2 years now i think and i've looked after it as if it was a baby, making sure it stays clean dry and out of dust etc. But randomly yesterday i noticed the "dot" was starting to distort and make a weird wavy mess on the wall, i took the cap off donned my torch...
  5. Paddy

    Lazeerer Polished Tiny 445/405!

    Here's my review of not just the lasers themselves but of how helpful and friendly Lazeerer is. To start off these were the second laser purchase i made, and it was the right one. I was explained the options that were possible and Lazeerer helped me pick the one i thought was right for me, so i...
  6. Paddy

    O-Like 100/50mW With "Beam Expander"?

    High Power 100mW Green laser wand /Wide beam/focuasable [OL-OWDG-100] - $81.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce Anyone taken the plunge on this yet? Seems interesting, could be good if it works well. Just thought i'd bring this up as i've never seen anything like this yet. Peace.
  7. Paddy

    WTB: Side clicky 532.

    Hey i'm after a 200mw+ side clicky 532nm. Not the small pen hosts but the bigger ones with a constant on clicky. All suggestions welcome, price range is relatively flexible. I have the necessary goggles. If you'd rather pm me that's cool. Cheers :)
  8. Paddy

    Merry Christmas!

    Hope this is the right place, just wanted to wish everyone on lpf a happy Christmas! :san: Lets hope 2012 is a good year for our hobby. :)
  9. Paddy

    DragonLasers Aurora 589.

    Aurora Series 3mW Yellow Laser Pointer :: Yellow Laser Pointer ------- 589nm Laser ----- Aurora Series Lasers :: Handheld Lasers :: Dragon Lasers Just got a FB update on this thought some may be interested. Pulsed mode seems lame though.
  10. Paddy

    Laserglow Discount.

    http://app.streamsend.com/private/AFJw/tRN/lgfru8a/browse/15107123 Just saw this on their site, wasn't sure if anyone made a thread about it yet so i thought i'd let you know!
  11. Paddy

    O-like "Power rock"

    www.o-like.com Anyone bought this yet and would consider doing a review? :D Strange how many wicked laser like lasers that are sprouting up about the place :X
  12. Paddy

    UK Laser Law

    Ok so i've been doing a bit of research and as far as i can tell Any laser in the UK is legal. It's only illegal to buy/sell anything over 1mw that originates from the UK itself. The only other restriction i can find is health and safety laws about using them in public and that it's a crime to...
  13. Paddy

    Green Laser Help.

    I've been looking around to try find a 532nm laser with a power output ranging from 100mw-300mw with a decent beam divergence. Price range is around $200 (would prefer lower but i can go higher) From looking at reviews the one that stood out for me was the FireDragon III...
  14. Paddy

    Looking for a 24w HID?

    24W 1440Lumens High Power Adjust Focusing HID Flashlight(2200mAH rechargeable Battery Included), Britain - DinoDirect.com bad company, but possibly a good deal?
  15. Paddy

    Help With Buying High Powered Flash light

    Ok so i've been browsing about for a while to try and find a good torch with good brightness throw and spill, narrowed my search down to these 3; Fenix TK45 760 Lumen LED Flashlight [fenixtk45] - $149.95 : Going Gear, Gearing you up for the outdoors (Favourite at the moment) DealExtreme...
  16. Paddy

    Rayfoss 300mw battery advice.

    So i bought this laser; www.rayfoss.com It arrived like 2 days ago, and i really wanna try it out. only the batteries won't be here for another week or so, i have some cr123 3v batteries spare from my spartan. Would it be safe for the laser to run on these batteries (i've been warned by...
  17. Paddy

    Spartan Beam Expander

    I've read around threads already made and can't seem to find a unanimous answer as to whether the lens fits to the new model Spartan 1w 445nm, and whether it actually makes a huge difference with it attached (if it can be attached that is)
  18. Paddy

    Need Help Buying My First Laser

    So i saw a laser randomly on the net a few days ago and was hooked from the second i saw it. I've been browsing around to try and find a decent, well priced 500mw+ laser for a few days and out of the ones i've found i've narrowed it down to these 3; Green Laser Pointer adjustable star burn...