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    Novalasers GIANT Clearance Sale - all lasers on sale up to 70% off!

    Don't buy a green laser until you check out this sale! Novalasers is having the biggest sale ever! Until September 8, ALL of our lasers are on sale for up to 70% off! That means X-Series, Alpha Series, Endeavor and Discovery are ALL ON SALE for the lowest prices EVER. These prices will...
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    Announcement Regarding The Novalasers Atlantis-1

    After consulting with laser users as well as experts in the field of laser applications and safety we have decided to suspend production on the Atlantis-1 445nm <1W laser and will not be carrying this product at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please note...
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    NOVAlasers announces new product release!

    NOVAlasers would like to announce some changes and exciting additions to our X-Series lineup. We are changing the output power structure and adding two high power models. NOVAlasers fans will not be outdone! We welcome to our lineup the X-150 and the X-175. In addition the X-125, for so long...
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    Greetings from NOVAlasers

    Hello to all forum members, My name is Magdalena. I have read this forum for quite some time but as of now I hope to become a regular contributor. I am the customer service manager for NOVAlasers - a laser equipment and accessory company which has recently come on-line. If any one has any...