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    Looking to buy or have built a handheld 589nm 10mw+ laser

    I know it probably isn't right to post here considering I do not have 20 posts but, I am looking for a 589nm 10mw+ laser. If someone would be able to potentially build me one I can either pay for the module and have it sent to you and you build the host or, you buy the module and create the...
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    Dragon Lasers 589nm module question.

    Hi, I noticed that Dragon Lasers produces 589nm 10mw modules. I was curious if it would be as simple for someone to just build a host and put the module in? If so, I would be very interested in doing so! I can't link it because of my lack of posts but it is very easy to find on their website. :)
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    A long overdue introduction post

    Hi, my name is Ryan. I have been lurking these forums on and off for a while now and have even bought stuff off the forums but for some reason, I never really thought to post myself until now. I have been a big collector of different wavelengths and am trying to collect more and more. I also...