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  1. mod101

    Planning a 12x 405nm Build

    I completed my 445 build in early January and now I really want to build another. Since I have a super beast 100 coming I figure a higher powered 405 would be in order. I saw this host that Moh was selling and though it looked great though I'm still looking at the logistics of building it in...
  2. mod101

    University Police Laser Confiscation

    Just earlier tonight I had my 1 Watt 445nm laser confiscated. It wasn't taken indefinitely from me but instead locked up in the same place they keep all the guns. Basically, I'm allowed to check out the laser when ever I leave campus but as with all guns I am not supposed to have it with me...
  3. mod101

    Need Laser Glasses

    I need laser glasses for my 445 that i just bought parts for except i know focal price takes forever to ship. is there anywhere (or anyone) who can ship goggles to the US in a week or two instead of 2 months?
  4. mod101

    6x Bluray diodes,Where should I buy

    I have recently been reading some older threads about 6x diodes in GGW vs SF. There seems to be some consensus that GGW is better than SF but not a huge amount. Modwerx right now is offering 6x SF diodes for only 16$ SF-AW210 6x blu-ray violet burning laser diode [SF-DIODE] - $15.99 : Modwerx...
  5. mod101

    For those that have a high powered 405 and 445 which do you Prefer

    I considering starting a build with either a 445nm or a 405nm. I curious if anyone thought either color was subjectively cooler than the other. I also realize that 445s can be driven higher so that may also be a factor, thanks for the help
  6. mod101

    Chemical Laser Spectroscopy

    I was wondering if anyone here had anything to do with Laser Spectroscopy. As an undergrad taking organic chemistry this year I am being introduced to the principles of laser spectroscopy and research dealing with this type of spectroscopy. It actually sounds like some pretty interesting...
  7. mod101

    445 Build, Suggestions/Help

    I'm in the beginning stages of a 445 build. The host I'm looking at getting is http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/fs-guidesman-18650-host-heatsink-20-a-57191.html In DTRs review of this host he says that microboost drivers need to have a workaround. Should I go with a flexdrive instead and is...
  8. mod101

    Official Intro

    Hey guys, ive been lurking around here for a few weeks now looking into getting one or two real laser points so i figured i might as well introduce my self here officially. Im 19, currently in college (sadly that also means poor) right now im having to put my computer building interests to a...
  9. mod101

    Looking for a decently priced 5-50mw laser

    So i have been lurking around these forums for a few weeks now and think I've decided to start buy my first real laser. Right now I'm looking for something that's not too expensive but I want to be able to see the beam and point around at night. From what i have read 5wm can point around at...
  10. mod101

    Looking for a Good 5mw and 100mw

    Right now im the market for a 5-30mw green laser pointer that has a very low divergence for showing off to friends and such. I was looking into getting one of swimminsuffer's laser pointers but hes sold out at the moment :( I am also in the market for a 100mw of any color for doing burning...