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    RPL Blue 30mW

    I would also like to sell an RPL Blue 30mW laser. Please contact me with any reasonable offer or for more information. The laser is a few years old, and works just fine. Thanks.
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    Hercules 350 for sale

    I am interested in selling a Hercules 350, purchased from Laserglow. I have had the laser for about three years and it is in working order. I mainly used in for science demonstrations for my students. I would be willing to have power tested by a 3rd party to verify current power. It is in...
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    RPL Blue 30mW

    I am also interested in hearing any offers on my RPL Blue 30mW laser. I bought this laser just over 6 months ago directly from Jack at Optotronics. It is in excellent condition.
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    Hercules 350

    I am considering selling my Hercules 350, purchased directly from Laserglow. The current price for this laser is $2189 on the laserglow website. I have had the laser almost 6 months with no more than 20 minutes of actual use time. Before making any final decisions about weather I will be able...