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  1. Paddy

    Jet lasers Pl-E Pro 532 "300mw"

    300mw rated, lpm'd over the years I've owned this up until last year due to selling my lpm. Was stable between 400-450 with peaks just over 500 though as I haven't been able to meter it this year will claim as the rated 300mw to avoid confusion. Stored inside an airtight box the whole time apart...
  2. Paddy

    High Output Flashlights

    Just thought i'd say thanks for this coupon code as i spent a lot of time trying to find the cheapest TN31 and its $121 with that code <3
  3. Paddy

    Flashlight Beamshots Collection

    I'm guessing the 1900 eneloops are actually 2000? Golf courses are great for flashlight comparing, I live like 100 meters away from one and can't keep away from it at night xD The best option though are driving ranges, already got the distances marked too.
  4. Paddy

    Flashlight Beamshots Collection

    You can tell the difference clearly to the modded and stock from those photos, the (i wanna call it focal point? but i'm not sure) seems to only just at the tree distance on the modded yet on the stock it looks closer. Btw, since you have the EA4 what batteries do you use in it? I usually go for...
  5. Paddy

    Flashlight Beamshots Collection

    Re: Flashlight Beamshots; Throw, Regular, and Aspheric Not sure if it's classed as EDC but i ordered a Nitecore Ea4 which seems to be reasonably compact runs on common batteries and should be pretty bright and throw well. (i haven't received it yet but i have seen lots of good reviews) But one...
  6. Paddy

    What lights do you have?

    It shouldn't have mattered, it isn't illegal to use a flashlight outside at night. (YET!)
  7. Paddy

    Flashlight Beamshots Collection

    Re: Flashlight Beamshots; Throw, Regular, and Aspheric Damn i've been resisting buying the Crelant 7G5CS for a while now and you just made it a lot harder :P Would you say with the aespheric head that it throws further than your TK75?
  8. Paddy

    What lights do you have?

    Sorry if this is kinda off topic but thought i'd share; after talking about the Fenix big boys here i took mine out as i haven't in a while, went to a quiet spot with two of my mates to have a play about with our flashlights and we ended up getting reported for trying to steal a caravan (we...
  9. Paddy

    What lights do you have?

    Man the RC40 seems pretty nice, i just can't justify spending £300 on a light when i have the TK70 already :(
  10. Paddy

    best long throwing torch for <60$ ?

    TK70, this is fun too tho for cheap SmallSun ZY-C10-S White LED Flashlight 230LM 3-Mode Focus Adjustable (1 x 18650) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
  11. Paddy

    [Dragonlasers sale] - High quality 532nm lasers for CHEAP!

    I was tempted by this, but i wouldn't even rate their customer service recently. I had a spartan with a burnt out lens, they recommended i buy a new lens (that didn't fit) from a competitors site instead of sending me a new one.
  12. Paddy


    Re: FS: >100mW laserbtb 532nm pen I really like those pens, shame I live in wales where it doesn't really go above 15-20 deg c unless its summers day.
  13. Paddy

    FS: Overspec 532nm Green AAA Pens (Bulk Deals)

    I don't mean to trash on your sales thread but there are pens on ebay for around $4 that have the same sort of risk of their output. That's single orders too not bulk. like i said i just thought i'd point it out.
  14. Paddy

    SOLD 65mW Green Laser

    Re: For Sale Three Greenies, 65mW, 75mW, 105mW Would that be $38 shipped to the UK? Or just in the us? :-)
  15. Paddy

    What lights do you have?

    Cheers Blord i'll give it a go!
  16. Paddy

    What lights do you have?

    This is probably the wrong place to ask this, but any suggestions on a relatively cheap 18650 aspheric thrower? I have the sipik sk68 AA but was after something with a little more output, i've seen a few candidates but i don't have the money to risk buying a crappy one. Ontopic- I have a fenix...
  17. Paddy

    SOLD - 12x 405nm 595mW CREE - Built by DAGUIN $140

    Re: FS: 12x 405nm 595mW CREE - Built by DAGUIN Pics are perfect size on my 42 inch TV :P What kind of ballpark is the price for this? Good luck with the sale. :)
  18. Paddy

    $4.35 405nm eBay pen SUPER OVERSPECT Must see!!

    Tried heating it up and it still wont budge. They got these things in pretty damn tight.
  19. Paddy

    Sold: NEW 2.5W+ 445nm Steel Laser

    Re: For sale: 2+ Watt 445nm Steel Laser I saw this flashlight host a few days ago and was thinking it'd be a nice host. And then I see this. Looks nice!
  20. Paddy

    $4.35 405nm eBay pen SUPER OVERSPECT Must see!!

    Anyone got any tips for getting the module out of the host? I've got the silver bit off but struggling to find a safe way to get it out.