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  1. BShanahan14rulz

    tactical laser pen?

    http://www.pkdesignlab.com/Spec/PKTP%20spec.jpg Somebody do this!!!
  2. BShanahan14rulz

    The Solarforce L2

    http://laserpointerforums.com/f63/great-buying-experiences-flaminpyro-46287-2.html#post872312 Uses genuine Solarforce L2 host Nexbox360 green module (143mW originally, probably closer to 110mW now) FlaminPyro custom heatsink with extra mass and threaded for aixiz lens Ice-blue trit. Saw a...
  3. BShanahan14rulz

    Please post info on WL "+ 18650 1300mAh -" cells

    Anything helps. I'm curious if these batteries are a better chemistry, leading to the "malfunctions" that people are experiencing. Not to mention 1300mAh capacity when chinese brands are holding over 2000mAh is a big red flag.... Thoughts are welcome too. Edit: also, if you have a scale that...
  4. BShanahan14rulz

    are there different standard module diameters?

    I bought a typical green ebay 3v module for use in one of my drop-in hosts. After looking around, I'm starting to wonder if there are multiple sizes of common "modules." You all know the ones I'm talking about, they are just brass barrels, in two or three sections, with the IR driver board and...
  5. BShanahan14rulz

    450nm diodes still expensive?

    Are they still 3 arms and a leg? Anybody have a review or a build with one?