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  1. Constantino

    Buy 450nm single mode blue laser 80-300mw

    Hello, I'm looking for a single-mode 450nm blue laser, preferably compact. Power: 80-300mw good optics collimated. Important: complete laser. If I do not find anything decent I have alternatives in Lazerer and laserbtb pretty good. Greetings.
  2. Constantino

    For Sale blue laser 445nm 1.4W SOLD !

    Hello. The diode is the M140 445nm. The heatsinks are black anodized aluminium. The lens is 445nm 3-element glass with a standard focus ring . The driver is a buck driver set at 1.7A. It has better efficiency than a linear driver. The main regulator is heatsinked for durable working. Very...
  3. Constantino

    SOLD Dorcy 445nm Laser 600 mW.

    Hello, I sell 600 mW 445nm blue laser. MicroFlex have the driver. They have strong, long-lasting Ehgemus heatsink. AixiZ 445nm are lente.El Dorcy has a clicky switch back. It is focusable and burns very well. 700 mW if you get a lens 405-G-1. * I bought the companion Daguin (moderator). The...
  4. Constantino

    In search of a small laser 200mw

    Hi, I'm looking for a 532nm 200mw laser (no matter focusable). He had a green laser 200mw rayfoss-flx, but I sold it because it was big enough to carry in his pants pocket. We also want the smallest possible and the best possible divergence. I do not want to burn. Just a beautiful and very...
  5. Constantino

    SOLD. Sale green laser Rayfoss flx-200 mw focusable (IR Filter)

    The laser is like new, rarely used. I sell is a little big. I am now using lasers smaller and easier to carry. According rayfoss in its delivering (LPM) 210MW IR filter (courtesy of rayfoss). The laser is in its case with lithium battery 18650 and the key. Here is a review I did of this great...
  6. Constantino

    I am looking to buy, keychain, 445nm or 532nm laser.

    Hi, I'm looking to buy , preferably Jayrob, completely built and ready for use. The laser has to be 445nm or 532nm. Good divergence and more than 100mw of power. Keychain size has to be small for a 10,440 lithium battery (AAA size) or 16340 or CR2 (CR2 size). Greetings.
  7. Constantino

    50mW Azul Violeta Purple 5 in1 puntero láser con 5 Caps Star (Laserland)

    Hello . I wanted to buy it and see laser pointers recommend about 50 mw violet Laserland ? The price is $ 40. Actually it is 50 mw? If so, are sufficient 50 mw to see the beam at night.:thinking: Point will be visible over long distances? Thanks
  8. Constantino

    Rayfoss 200 mw (flx) focusable (IR Filter)

    Hello, I think they have done enough reviews of this green laser in particular, so I will not have to make a thorough. Nor am I an expert on the subject. And unfortunately I do not write English well. So just wanted to comment that this super laser (recommended by Alvert, a great person in my...
  9. Constantino

    Laser green 55 mw skylaser

    Hello. Sell green laser pointer a 55 MW with skylaser IR filter and lock, sell three a weeks of use. I bought a 200mw rayfoss. My wife does not want more lasers. It is like new. High Power Laser Pointers | Green Laser Pointers | SKYlasers PICTURES BELOW. Tea it would leave $99 with shipping...
  10. Constantino

    Question about a green laser pointer scylasers 55 MW

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I bought a pointer Skylasers 55 MW Congratulations to all who have helped me to choose this laser. The beam is very bright. Even if that makes holes in black bags. I would change by 95 MW. As you see it? I like to see the scope note and beam Nice. With 95 MW guess...