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  1. NetGod3Com

    Lasers to replace sparkplugs?

    This is interesting. I can't wait to get hold of one of these. I like the sound of what they are describing in the article.
  2. NetGod3Com

    22600 cells spotted in Frys

    I do not know if anyone might be interested, the cells were not consumer. They had cardboard tube surrounding the cells and heavy gauge tabs spot welded to top and bottom, if I am remembering correctly they were priced ~ $13.00 and they were in the battery row near a 16340 / charger combo.
  3. NetGod3Com

    Ultrafire C5 18650 SS

    I have done a search and found no discussion about using this flashlight as a host. It looks like is would make a nice looking laser. $18.70 - UltraFire C5 Stainless Steel CREE P3-8B 2-Mode 4700K LED Flashlight with Strap (1*18650) - Ultrafire Lights Has anyone tried this, if not, how would...