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  1. Spyderz20x6

    My new mini 1W (maybe higher) 445nm build!

    I built this little guy last week before flying out to New York. Now that i'm back, I had some time to take pics and make a video. Basically I had this host lying around for a while, and after getting back into lasers, I decided to build a 445 out of it. The heatsink is a direct press-fit copper...
  2. Spyderz20x6

    WTF!?!? Freak PHR Diode

    First, some background info... So, as many of you know, i've been out of the laser hobby for a while. A good two years. All this time I had a PHR-803T diode laying around. What got me back into the hobby, was my buddy going camping, and asking me if I could build him a laser to take along. I...
  3. Spyderz20x6

    WTB: 16340 Battery Charger

    I need a battery charger for the 16340 Li-ion cells. PM me if you have one you are willing to sell.
  4. Spyderz20x6

    Interesting things?

    Any interesting things going on right now? Ie. new discoveries, inventions, etc... I dug around and couldn't find anything, but maybe i'm not looking hard enough.
  5. Spyderz20x6

    Xbox Live Gamertag Thread

    Hey, I made this thread for all the people on LPF with Xbox Live. Just post your gamertag, and I will update the list so we can all add eachother. Format is username, gamertag. 1. Spyderz20x6, Spyderz20x6 2. Woodofcville, Big C 069 3. hydrogenman15, cari_66 4. Dr_Evil, StormTrooper069 5...
  6. Spyderz20x6

    Xbox Live, GTA IV. How do you chat?

    Hey, I recently got XBL, and was playing GTA IV today, but I can't figure out how to chat with people. I have a headset and everything, so how do you do it?
  7. Spyderz20x6

    Router Question

    Hey guys! I had a question. So, I bought a router today and set it up manually through its IP address, without using the wizard. The reason for this is because the wizard would not recongnize the ethernet connection, so I did a manual setup through WI-FI. You see, I did it on a laptop and it...
  8. Spyderz20x6

    Internet!!!!! Finally!!!!

    Ok, I finally got those comcast guys to get off their a**es and connect my internet. After 2 months, I finally gave it :D Victory dance time!
  9. Spyderz20x6

    FS: 2 LCC Diodes from GGW Sled

    Up for sale is a LCC Diode from a 6x GGW sled. It is harvested and the pins are cleaned, and it can output over 250mW at 420mA. I've never tested it, but it is from a brand new sled... It's yours for $15 (shipping included) :) Edit: I checked and turns out I already used the harvested...
  10. Spyderz20x6

    FS: LCC Diode from GGW Sled

    Up for sale is a LCC Diode from a 6x GGW sled. It is harvested and the pins are cleaned, and it can output over 250mW at 420mA. I've never tested it, but it is from a brand new sled... It's yours for $15 :) EDIT: Oops, I already used the above diode :( However, I have two more LCC diodes...
  11. Spyderz20x6

    Energizer Titanium

    Hey there! Anyone heard of the new Energizer Titaniums? How do they compare to the e2 Lithiums? Ironically, about 2 months ago, I thought to myself "it is about time for Energizer to come out with titanium based batteries".
  12. Spyderz20x6

    I'm back!!!!

    Hey everyone! It's me and i'm back! Well, almost... Many of you are wondering why I was gone. Well, the main reason is because I had to move into my new house (which took a long time) and on top of that I had college, court cases, and plenty of other good stuff :P So, I wasn't really around...
  13. Spyderz20x6

    Wicked Lasers 2010 130mW Evo Pro Series Review! Exclusive, in depth, and unbiased!

    CAUTION: Before you read the following, realize it is entirely unbiased and based on truth and truth only. So, this is how it all started... One day, I was checking LPF, when I saw that I had a PM. Naturally, I opened it. Well, whaddya know? An email from the CEO of WL, the one and only Steve...
  14. Spyderz20x6

    LG 8x Burner

    Check this out: LG - 8x Internal Blu-ray Disc/Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive - BH08LS20 Might be worth your time...
  15. Spyderz20x6


    So, I wanted to clean my 405-G-1 lens with some spectrographic grade acetone. Although, I am a little concerned about how volatile it is. Is it possible that it could dissolve the AR coating?
  16. Spyderz20x6

    WTB: 1/8BSPP Hose

    Hey everyone! I'm sure some of you play Paintball. I need to buy a 1/8BSPP hose to refill my paintball tanks from, and I can't find one anywhere except for Pyramydair, where the shipping is $10...
  17. Spyderz20x6

    WTB: Evanix AR6, AirForce Talon, or AirForce Condor

    I am sure there are some airgun enthusiasts out there :) If anyone has one, I would be interested in buying an Evanix AR6, and AirForce Condor, or an AirForce Talon. If you have one you would like to sell, please post here with your asking price :)
  18. Spyderz20x6

    Pro Tips w/ Spyderz20x6: Building your first DIY Laser!

    Where to buy parts for your first DIY laser: Red Laser Parts: Diode: http://stonetek.org/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=65&products_id=180 http://stonetek.org/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=67&products_id=192 Trust me, Greg (owner of StoneTek) is a great guy...
  19. Spyderz20x6

    Where did my thread go...

    Where did my pro-tips tutorial on building your 1st DIY laser go!?!? :O I worked SO hard to make it :_(
  20. Spyderz20x6

    Are you laser illiterate?

    How do you pronounce HeNe? If you picked option 1, then you suck and should be kicked off of LPF and banned from laser altogether. Shame on you.