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  1. lowell389

    two arrested for pointing lasers at aircraft

    I was reading our local paper from august 29th, this is what I saw. Two arrested for pointing lasers at aircraft. Turns out that two idiots who were near the Fresno yosemite international airport, here in California. Were pointing their lasers at an air ambulance helicopter. Air...
  2. lowell389

    $105.00. P.o.s.

    Quite simply: the $105.00 o-like sharp violet laser I bought , then had to wait almost a month for them to send me a replacement module for. Quit working , or rather went led on me this morning. It may have had a total of ten min. On time before it quit! I never left it on more than the...
  3. lowell389

    O-like Sharp high power 405nm violet laser 400mw

    This is my review of the " o-like sharp high power 405nm violet laser 400mw/water proof/ focusable" I ordered this laser on 5-20-2012 and it shipped on 5-24-2012 and they provided me a tracking number on there site and by email on on that same day. It arrived on 6-2-2012 . So not too bad on the...
  4. lowell389

    o-like I think I got a dud

    I just received my order from o-like It is a sharp 400 mw 405 nm waterproof focusable . I charged the battery until the green light on the charger came on steady green. I put on my goggles and put the battery in . Plus side to tail switch , like the sticker on the unit showed. Hit the tail...
  5. lowell389

    red laser safety glasses

    Just wanted to ask what a good pair of safety glasses for a red laser would be. I'm looking into getting a 250mw red 650nm . Any suggestions would be appreciated . I'll be getting the laser from o-like , and I heard that the ones they sell army so great. Thanks.
  6. lowell389

    o-like has a new style host

    Just letting anyone interested know I was on the o-like site and noticed a new style host. They call it sharp high power. They have it in red, green, violet, and maybe blue. I didn't look at the blue page. Anyway, check it out. they look cool to me.
  7. lowell389

    new here

    Hello, I just started to use this site. I'm thinking about getting a power rock 250mw red laser torch from o-like. Has anyone here bought lasers from them? Or does anyone have this laser? If so, what's your opinion ? Lowell389