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    my POT moding method + alternative to pot moding = :D

    On the "POT moding FAQ's" thread. I find that the answer to the question "Will I ever be able to get my <5mw to burn matches by pot modding it?" which is answered with a resounding "NO!!!!! :tsk:" is only half true. While POT moding alone can almost never get a <5mw laser pointer to burn there...
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    Complete 445 build specs,if you've built your own 445 post the specs here

    This thread is for everyone who has built their own 445nm laser so that those who haven't yet built one can find all the information they need on one thread. I would like the successful builders to post the following information: laser host: hand held ,labby ,other (in all cases describe it and...
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    HeNe tube mod concepts. (may be good for your daily LOL if nothing else)

    I have several concepts for moding my HeNe tube however I'm not sure if they are worth doing or if they would work at all. So I'm posting my concepts/questions on these mods and I would like the advice on these concepts answered in the following order if possible ,(A) would it be possible? ...
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    flyback transformers with ac drivers: salvaged from CRT monitors

    I haven't worked out a price or cost for shipping as of yet nor have I removed these flybacks from their monitors. The point is I have 10 CRT monitors that I got at a very good price which are now taking up space. The HV units include the circuit board that the flyback is attached to,the...
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    Ebay items: newbe woes

    I decided to buy several lasers on ebay because of my dissatisfaction with the cheep ones you see in $1 stores all the time. The total casualties include 12 808nm 300mw laser diodes a, 10" HeNe laser tube ,and several cheep red and green laser pointers,(none of which has arrived yet). I was...
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    I am a newcomer here and reasonably new to lasers as well, however not so new to the sciences behind them nor high voltage devices so I hope to learn where I can and the rest should become self evident over time. :beer::beer::beer: