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    FS: 150+ MW CNI PEN

    Someone bought the group package.. So everything is sold. Thanks for the interest.. And for future sellers list your items on candle power forum, so far thats has been my best way to sell lasers.
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    FS: 150+ MW CNI PEN

    Still have both for sale.. Heck of a good deal. I have 2 folks who want the nova x 105 but still have not gotten funding together.. My guess in the next day the package deal will be no more.. But yea $300 for 2 CNI pens is a heck of a deal and I am shocked they didnt go within the first few days.
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    FS: 150+ MW CNI PEN

    Yes it is.. I just started scuba diving again and need to replace a few items.
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    FS: 150+ MW CNI PEN

    Price reduced on both by $25. So $225 for the 150mw and $125 for the Nova X105. Or have them both for $300. (Yea I got a new hobby and am just want to get rid of my laser gear)
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    FS: 150+ MW CNI PEN

    Still have this one for sale.. Priced to sell quick. Comes with a power chart produces an average at 154mw and a peak in the 160's. Priced to sell quick $250 shipped anywhere in the USA. Nova has the same laser priced at $420. I also still have a Nova X100 which puts out 124mw average with a...
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    150mw CNI green pen

    Paid like $380 on a group buy.. Average is above 150mw and peak is in the 160's. I have a power chart. Looking at $310 shipped anywhere in the USA. Need to sell quick since I have a new toy coming in this week.
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    S> (2) Pulsar laser 125 mw + accepting paypal

    Whats wrong with that??? You have to understand from a sellers point of view we dont want someone to receive a product then never pay for it or try and renegotiate the payment when its in their hands. I learned my lesson a long time ago when I sold a PDA and the guy wouldn't pay until it had...
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    what would damage  the eyes more 5mw green of

    A mw is a mw is a mw.. 5 mw of X is the same as 5 mw of A. But in regards to the eye I recall someone wrote that cells in the human eye absorb the green quicker than red.
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    Executive Fusion 125mW-$300

    Meuh should of gone with nova.. My X100 peaks at 147mw and averages like 122mw... And it was only $200 ;)
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    WTB Blu ray Laser

    oooo Pen size blue... Just what I have been looking for... Pictures please!!!!!!!
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    Help please, do i have a faulty laser ?

    I had this issue once also.. Ended up taking the batteries out and warming up my toaster oven then letting it cool a little and put my laser in it over night.. The dry warm air fixed it.
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    will I get my green laser through UK customs?

    I think nova has a full money back if it does not pass customs.... Really depends on what you want to do with it... I recently bought a X100 and it puts out 147mw peak and 122mw average, and member here got an X100 and it peaks at 135mw an 116mw average... Will the X125 put out more? Yes but...
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    UPDATED! - >150mW 532nm pens, 808nm pens PREORDER

    Re: >150mW 532nm pens, 808nm pens PREORDER Eh.. After reading a review of the nova X175.... I think I am going to end up keeping this over 150mw green.
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    UPDATED! - >150mW 532nm pens, 808nm pens PREORDER

    Re: >150mW 532nm pens, 808nm pens PREORDER If you want my green that I have pre ordered you can have it since I got lucky and got a 147mw nova laser.. But we would have to work that out with pseudonomen.. If not ill still take it.
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    UPDATED! - >150mW 532nm pens, 808nm pens PREORDER

    Re: >150mW 532nm pens, 808nm pens PREORDER I just hope we are not on the terrorist watch list now.... ;D
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    300mw 655nm laser pen

    I fixed your prices.. ;)
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    *SOLD OUT* >150mW mini red lasers for $63

    Re: >150mW mini red lasers for $63 X2 mine still works great.. But I have not kept it on longer than 30 seconds. (really no need to stuff burns instantly)
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    300mw 655nm laser pen

    Whats the duty cycle like? and any estimate on diode life?
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    Nova X-100 review

    Just to add more numbers to the X100, just got mine today and its rated 147mw peak and 120mw average, which is just insane. So either both of us are lucky or the X100 are the best bang for the $$$.
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    Thought I would try out an X100

    So I keep hearing how nova is such a great company, so on impulse while buying some lens from nova I added an X100 in the cart. Well I got my X100 and figured it would peak at 120mw and average 110mw ish.. But it says peak 147mw with an average of 120mw, holy cow!!!!! So far I am impressed.