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    FS: Sanwu 3watt

    ****SOLD****Hello, Im selling this laser with accessories. Everything is in great shape, I rarely ever turned this on to be honest. Comes with laser, 4 aw batts, Eagle Pair glasses and case, 5 design tips. Looking for $175 shipped conus. Many references available. Thanks -eric...
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    Hey everyone!! My laser from Sanwu came the other day. Fast shipping and only sat in customs for around 12 hours. Beautiful craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Francis answered all my emails right away. After he helped me figure out the electronic lock, it was all good. Very good...
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    Laser opinions

    Hello, I'm just wondering if this laser will last a while or if I should get something different. I actually already have this one (link below) from WorldsCoolestLasers and could still send it back of need be. Ive only taken it out of the box to inspect. I would like to stay around the $200...
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    Hello everyone, newbie here😀 My son and I just purchased our 1st powerful laser. Thought I'd hang around and see if I could learn something. -eric