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    7W 445nM diode burned out?

    So I purchased a Zeus X and have been using it successfully for a while now, but today I noticed that the diode is not burning anything. I tested it on my hand, and the dot is barely warm. It seems that im not in low power mode, as I can hit the button to switch into low power mode and I see the...
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    Using 7W 445nm Zeus X with only one battery

    I’ve asked the manufacturer if this is possible, but haven’t yet heard back. As I don’t trust the eyewear in the box, I have to wait to test this for a week while I wait for my Eagle pair. the laser can easily be assembled to only hold one battery, but does anyone know from experience if it...
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    Danger of naked eye exposure to 445nm beam

    Hey there. I’m experienced with lasers up to 1.5 but have just recently purchased a new laser which is 7w. I bought a couple new pairs of quality absorptive eyewear and as any responsible user, I will never operate the laser unless everyone around it is properly protected. Obviously the most...
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    Laser Setup in a Star Trek Dolphin Phaser Prop

    Hey guys! So I’m thinking about installing a laser into a phaser prop I’m building, but I’m not really sure how to do it or if there is enough space. the prop is resin, so heat is an issue. Prop electronics run on a 3.7v 2000mAh LiPo, with an LED wired in (though I have to find out what the LED...