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    How much would you say my 95mW is worth?

    [THIS IS NOT A SALE THREAD, I SIMPLY WANT AN ESTIMATE] Hey guys, I don't think anyone here remembers me, or maybe I was hanging out here way before ya'll; I need some help! I've really moved on from collecting lasers a long time ago. I had sold all my lasers, except for two, about a year ago...
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    Any online Halo 3 players out their?

    I just go my 360 and halo 3 a couple of days ago, and today I used my laptop as a wireless ethernet adapter :) It's awesome, I now have my laptop configured so that I just plug it in the 360, and bam, I've go access. I have been playing on Xbox live all day, it's just awesome, so, it got me...
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    I'm back....

    Hey all, did I miss anything? The other day I was on my computer and it seems something got sucked into the heatsink fan. I had to demolish the whole notebook just to get down to the fan...Man, I hope I never have to open a notebook case again, changing RAM and wireless cards are one thing, but...
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    Loads of new DX lasers

    Checkout DX's just released a bunch, and I mean lots, of new lasers. Just check it out
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    LOL @ scammer on Ebay

    For those of you who keep up the sale forum, you know that I listed my PSP on ebay, and that the winner of the auction was using a stolen account. But it gets even better, after Ebay deleted the auction and refunded my insertion fees, the "winner" contacts me via email. Here's the first email...
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    For Sale: ROBO-SAPIEN like new

    Someone bought this for me a couple of mouths ago as a gift, I haven't found much use for it besides scaring my dog. It sits lonely in the corner of my room, just begging to be played with. LOL I know there are many hacks you can run on this, not to mention the LEDs in his hands can probably be...
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    Laser powered by citrus fruit?

    LOL, yes I'm serious, I recently have been playing around with a some copper wire, a zinc plated nail, and you guessed it, a citrus fruit. ;D I'm using Mikan, which in Louisiana is referred to as a "Satsuma". My five trees have so much fruit on them that the limbs have broke. :o So I decided to...
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    DX down?

    I have tried to a couple times this week to get DX's website, but I'm getting a 503. Is DX dead?
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    Caveman(TV) sucks?

    Was it just me or did the premier of the Caveman Show make you want to vomit. :( It's horrible, this could have been such a good show, instead it's just a show about a bunch of racist people :-?
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    CORE vs. Skeet Launcher

    You asked for it, now here it is: That's the best camera I got, but the audio quality is still not great. What's amazing is that this has actually made my CORE stop mode hopping.
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    WL account - $14 in WBs free to the first person

    I have a WickedLasers.com account with $14 in WickedBucks on it, I no longer have use for it since I'm saving up for a 360..........and halo 3!!!!! ;D You can use it for discount on a dragon case, or whatever you want. I will PM the first one to post in this thread, that wants the account.
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    It's official...I'm an ipod sheek...LOL

    It all started when I bought a 4GB ipod nano with the money I got from reselling things that I got with WB's. And now I...I...I purchased a ihome :o Not bad, I got it for $35 shipped on Ebay, it works great. Sure it's missing the AM antenna and ipod dock adapters, but it's not that big of a...
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    Selling PSP[listed on ebay for 99 cents!]

    *Update = Ebay page Clear PSP in good condition, it has some scratches on the faceplate, ie the screen, but it can easily be changed for under $10. Overall great PSP and it has never given me any problems, it works just fine. Here's what you'll be getting: That's a USB charger, both the...
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    New Anti-LC userbars!

    Here's the source, http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v403/NES_DS/?action=view&current=LCcopy.jpg I think we should all put this in our sigs, feel free to make it smaller if you want.
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    15mW Wicked Evolution [Sold! to Me_too_Lazy]

    I just got a 15mW Evolution in, it has no clear mode hopping, looks to be in good shape as far as beam specs. As usual it's NEW, it was only opened to be tested, it comes in it's original case and foam. And just like normal it is labeled 20mW, so it is indeed a 15mW module. I'm asking $107...
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    Follow along as I stick up for LPF and get banned

    I have had enough of WL, I cashed out my WB's...and now I'm trying to get the word out about LPF for the poor soles who think they have to be part of the laser communism. Go here: http://www.lasercommunity.com/post175302.html#175302 I did I nice bit of complaining about WL/TL and I mentioned...
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    Titanium AAA Cells

    I picked up a four pack from the store early today. Though, I haven't got the chance to use them yet. Can anyone tell me what's the peak and mean voltage of titanium cells?
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    Destructive Gear shut down?

    I pass through the DG forum about every week or so, tonight I went to stop by and it brought me to one of those advertising spam sites that you get when you type in an unassigned domain name. This can only mean one thing, DG must be shut down, their forum was completely dead for the last two...
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    Fun With Thermal Imager!

    I just got a hold of a Thermal Imager for a couple of days, checkout the video I made: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v403/NES_DS/?action=view&current=FunWithThermalImager.flv
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    New DX flashlight style 20mW

    Checkout this, it's a 20mW in a DX flashlight case. It's like a mini spyder ;D I may buy one and waterproof it; it should be very easy to install an IR filter on it.