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    Blue 473 nm on DX

    I want yellow
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    My new soldering iron

    yea... i wish I hadn't bought my $80 radiocrap iron, but it still works good enough. rework would be nice though, show us how the rework gun works, I've lost a bunch of ICs to mistake soldering jobs (non-inverted PCB boards - forgot to flip image over)
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    New pen style 10mW blurays

    how much for the unit without the laser (aka, with broken one?) cause I've got a bunch of these blurays still laying around... also, I don't need charger, only need one battery thats rechargable, got the chargers. PM me if interested, rather than here in this section of the forum
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    New pen style 10mW blurays

    wow, thats kind of cheap, I just don't see enough profit in it for you, I mean, damn, you gotta be making far less than $50, not to mention the labor. props for a good deal, if it be true.
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    CNI Laser for Europe-Feeler-Powermeasurement added

    Re: CNI Laser Pointers tip: never listen to someone with 1 post.
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    Shades For Blue And/Or Violet Lasers?

    well... the sun can dmage your eyes from a reflection, so I would assume the same goes for a dot reflecting... keep in mind, 5mw is still dangerous, any direct laser is bad, and as for reflecting... well, you never know when you might ACCIDENTLY reflectt a window from 100+ft away and hit...
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    Shades For Blue And/Or Violet Lasers?

    you misunderstand... the eyes are more sensitive to 555nm than any other color, but that doesn't make 100mw act like 300mw, 100mw or red, green, and blue will all cause the same damage.
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    Aixiz Module $1.48

    counterfiet? prove it.
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    230mW open can in a 2AAA leadlight - stable.

    yea, since I've been making similar little things, I'll have to add to the chorus, $20 each is a STEAL. By the time you've got everything to play with these kinds of components you'll find you've invested well over $400, so it's either spend $400+ to make one or two, or buy from Dr. Lava for a...
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    230mW open can in a 2AAA leadlight - stable.

    if your look closely you can pretty much look up each component from his pictures, and then read their respective PDFs and figure out your own similar working circuit board, it's not as hard as you'd think.
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    SMD soldering guide, with awesome techniques

    I think you don't need that at all, geez, I just got my tip off my radioshack crappo, grinded it smooth and finer on those wheel grinder things, and now I can do 0603 smt stuff easy, just gotta make sure you have temp control with the soldering iron.
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    230mW open can in a 2AAA leadlight - stable.

    are you serious? I thought the leadlight was a different case... well, I've got those laying around here, greenies they are... time to take apart!
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    Good suppliers for laser housings/cases

    consider how cheap they should be if they came unassembled... we gotta get some responses!
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    help me i broke the pins on my blu-ray diode

    I second his method, I did the same thing the other week, works great, but you really need to glue it with some sort of epoxy to prevent the newly soldered "pin" from breaking off again.... also, don't sell something like this, as it's likely to die from shock or something oneday...
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    4.5v Laser can it be powered with 5V and a Resit

    Re: 4.5v Laser can it be powered with 5V and a Res yes, that should work, but make sure with a DMM that its on max resistance, i found out the hard way that some work backwards.
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    FusionDrives GB - CLOSED

    yea, i'm already starting to make my own tiny drivers professionally now, so I'm in no rush (but I sitll want them though :P)
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    Such sets for 473nm, how much power you can get?

    Re: Such sets for 473nm, how much power you can ge 3.14!
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    ps3 40G or 60G

    I confirm that you can play ps 2 games with the 40gig one.
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    has anyone used these?

    you have read correct. but for those prices I would rather buy a merideth glass lens and mount, it's smaller, and since you caN'T TYPICALLY USE THE DRIVER'S IN THESE THINGS THERE'S NO POINT TO MOST OF THE HOUSING THAT COMES WITH THE LASER... oops on the caps, but i'm too lazy to retype it.
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    Not an April Fool's Joke!

    yea, prove your words, I for one have seen all their PDFs and concluded they do NOT have opencan BLURAY diodes.