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    Question about DDL driver resistor

    OK, I have made many standard DDL circuits and they hace all worked fine, even for the blu-rays. But I mostly just built them exactly as stated. Now I got a long open can from TheMonk and a Jayrob heatsink and want to crank up the current. So I thought by adding another 10 ohm resistor to the...
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    MXDL case for laser gun

    The name cracked me up for this auction, but the handle and body looked kind of cool for a project. http://cgi.ebay.com/Luxeon-SuperFire-MXDL-Weaponlight-295NR_W0QQitemZ370025598634QQihZ024QQcategoryZ106987QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem I attached the pic since it's ending soona nd...
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    Anybody use one of these 150 mA LED testers?

    I saw one of these LED testers at Fry's Electronics last night, and I almost bought it. It can test LEDs from I think it was 1 or 5 mA all the way to 150 mA. It basically has several rows of holes, and you insert the LED into the holes in hte current range you want to use and push a button. I...
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    Multimeter for $2.98 at Harbor Freight

    Multimeters are on sale for $2.98 at Harbor Freight tools. For those of you that don't have one for whatever reason, now is your chance./ For the price of a cup of coffee, you can now test your circuit,diode,etc. I picked one up and I didn't even need it....
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    Question about Nova X Optics holder and set

    I got the x series optics set from Nova with my x-100 yesterday. I thought it was supposed to come with a line generator and collimator. The line generator works fine, but when I use the collimator, it just seems to make a circle about 8-10 inches. AM i doing something wrong with it? It didn't...
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    So I wanted a smaller DIY burner....

    Don't get me wrong, I like my MXDL burner when I need to pop a few hundred balloons and cut through 85 pieces of electrical tape and light a couple boxes of matches. But I rarely need THAT much runtime AND more importantly I wanted something smaller, so I picked up a scrap piece of 1/2" copper...
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    So my "1 Ohm" resistor measures .8 ohms...

    So should I divide by .8 when calculating ma? This is pretty big, a discrepency of 25%. So if I measure 250 mV, instead of it being 250 mA, it is actually 312.5 mA.
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    Can someone explain the diode in the DDL circuit?

    I understand how diodes work and what they do, but looking at the schematic for the DDL driver, the diode appears to just short out the battery if it was hooked up backwards. And it looks like you are basically hoping the diode is ok and shorts the battery out before any voltage/current can...
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    2nd Blu-ray in nicer flashlight host w/ pics

    So for my 2nd Blu-ray, i wanted to make something not so home made looking.  I'm not a big fan of the project boxes or the look of them.  So I kept my eyes peeled for a usable host everytime I went anywhere.  I found at Home Depot an Energizer Hard Case Professional little 3 LED flashlight that...
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    Do diodes mode hop? Or just DPSS?

    I was curious, do diodes mode hop, or is it just DPSS lasers that do this? Or all lasers? Couldn't seem to find a clear answer.
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    Anyone use heat pipes for cooling LD?

    I was thinking that a heat pipe would be good for cooling an LD, as it could be made pretty small, and could benefit from the length of a flashlight/pen type host. Has anyone else experimented with this?
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    Light to Frequency converter/sensr at Radio SHack?

    While picking up components at Radio Shack, I noticed something in a little baggy called a Light to Frequency converter. I was curious as to what this does, and if it would have any use for us? Could I stick it in my yet-to-be built laser power meter to measure the frequency of the laser as...
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    Having trouble focusing Blu-ray

    Hi all, I got my Blu-ray working last night, but I can't seem to focus it down. Seems like the smallest I can get the spot is about 8mm. Now it's in an AIxiz housing and the lens has had the opening enlarged inside, where you cut the little hole in the black plastic bigger. Is that would could...
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    Looking for blu-ray pinout NOT on fineartdiogrophy

    Anybody have the blu-ray pinouts NOT on Finartdiography.com site? Seems every search references that site,and every time I try to go to that site, or see a linked picture, I get a Bandwith limit error. Thanks in advance i fanyone has this. Blu-ray from psxboy.com just arrived. Host with DDL...
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    $20 rebate on Pioneer DVD burners at Fry's Electro

    Not sure if it is available at other stores, but at Fry's last night I saw they were offering $20 rebates on all Pioneer DVD burners. This put most of them in the $34.99-39.99 range after rebate. Not bad for an open can.
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    Found  a cheap poor man's Blu-ray host

    Walking around Home Depot, in the Electrical aisle, I spotted a LB connector for conduit. They had aluminum for ~$7, and a plastic for ~$2.50. I bought the plastic as I thought it would be easier to cut/grind and modify. Plus I wouldn't have to worry about the chassis shorting anything out, like...
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    Whats the safest current for Blu-ray?

    I have seen what current some people are running their Blu-rays at. But I would like to know what is the safest current for longest life. Would it be just when it begins to lase, or is it better to run it a little over the lase threshold? Or is it a specific current? I don't care about power, I...
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    Would this work as a driver?

    I was looking at some stuff to make a bike headlamp, and I found these LED drivers that can be purchased as voltage regulators OR current regulators. They have one that has a max of 350mA and you can order it with Internal or external trim to get it from 40% -110% of it's rating. So you should...
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    Way to make "Turbo" button for DIY red burner?

    While messign with my DDL circuit with a Senkat diode attached, I found that if I made certain adjustments, the laser could either stay at low current and remain cool, or instantly jump to higher current and get warm by jumping connection points in the circuit. This got me to thinking of hte...
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    My experience recently ordering from StoneTek.org

    I recently ordered a 16x Sony Diode from StoneTek. The purchase was really quick and easy as I was able to use Google Checkout and already have a Google account. I had a couple questions on my order, and when I sent emails, I was responded to within hours. I received the item packeged very...