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  1. Alex2893

    cheap USB microscope from amazon takes good photos of laser diodes

    Surprised at how well this cheap $20 usb microscope works and how good the images are for the price. defiantly recommend these usb microscope 2 by Alex Littig, on Flickr usb microscope by Alex Littig, on Flickr microscope laser diode image zoom 1 by Alex Littig, on Flickr laser diode...
  2. Alex2893

    Selling a few lasers and a Sanwu beam expander ALL SOLD

    I am selling off a few lasers at low prices to recoup some money. I need a new bed. My sleep quality was been starting to degrade rapidly. First up the Jet Lasers Ple Mini 520NM. it was sold to me a as a 1W here on the forum. However it only measures about 850 mw on my meter at max. There is an...
  3. Alex2893

    Q-line elf 488nm water proof laser

    https://laserpointerstore.com/q-line-elf-waterproof-laser-pointer Anyone have this laser. It seams like a decent deal for the 488nm diode.
  4. Alex2893

    Lifetime17 built 1w Oclaro 635nm in red 501b. Large price drop. $80 shipped.

    I am selling three of my lasers because i want to save up for a nice Camera. i also live 1 mile from a commercial airport so its just not worth it to shine lasers around in the sky. 1) Sanwu Lasers Challenger II 4W 470nm laser. other then the finicky multimode switch it work fine and the...
  5. Alex2893

    How visible do you see 405nm ?

    I have always wondered how visible other people see 405nm. I seam to be able to see it very very well because I can see the beam of a 45mw 405nm laser and with night adaped eyes I can see a 100mw 405nm laser beam very well even from the side. To my eyes a 100mw 405nm laser has a more visible...
  6. Alex2893

    WTB 400+ mw 532nm

    Just looking to see of anyone wanted to sell a high power 532nm laser. Thanks. Maybe soming like a dl sparten or hulk. I love the hulk style host. Even a sky lasers or Jet lesers would work. Cni lasers as well.
  7. Alex2893

    Olike ???

    So iv been getting back into this laser hobbie and one and there are skme usual sites I like to brouse. Will if been trying to get on to olike for weeks now and when I click there website it loads to the home page with all the products then a half second later it goes to a white screen that says...
  8. Alex2893

    SHEFI 304 green lasers from AliExpress

    Anyone have any info on these lasers. I am trying to figure out if there more powerful then the 303s and the 301 lasers in general. Not sure if its worth my time to buy one and test it. It looks a little nicer then the 303 and 301 lasers and has a led that lights up when you turn it on...
  9. Alex2893

    Lifetime17 Custom Brass 495nm Laser 100+mw review

    The Sale Recently i have been getting back into lasers and with all these new laser wavelengths coming out i kept my eye out for them. This past Saturday i stumbled across this awesome 495nm laser build by Lifetime17. I payed on Saturday, it shipped Monday and i received it today. Crazy fast...
  10. Alex2893

    WTB: Sanwu beam expander

    Just wondering if anyone has a Sanwu beam expander they would like to sell. I figure I would first see if I could buy one from someone in the states vs having wait a few weeks to get one over seas. Thanks
  11. Alex2893

    Looking for someone to fix my Arcane 2.0

    I have this Arcane 2.0 laser that i ruined a few years ago. I somehow cracked the glass on the diode and then it led. The driver still works but the diode is done for. If anyone knows if this laser can be dissembled and can fix it for me that would be amazing. I miss this laser. This host...
  12. Alex2893

    FS: Jet Lasers 473nm 100mw PLE PRO(All sold/traded)

    For sale i have a Jet lasers PLE Pro and a Ple mini both 473nm. Both are basically shelf queens and i just have not been using them. I really want a 4 watt 465nw Sanwu lasers. There is only about an hour total on time on both of them. LPM graph of the Ple Pro 473nm 100mw (Trade Completed) Jet...
  13. Alex2893

    Can someone help me with a laser build?

    I have a Scifi lasers Arcane 2.0 which i broke years ago. I got something on the diode lens and it led the diode. I am wondering if someone would not mind rebuilding the laser for me. I would love to upgrade it to the 4.5w 465nm diode. 20170421_105857 by Alex Littig, on Flickr Thanks
  14. Alex2893

    Interested in the new Jetlasers 100mw 473nm PLE pro Mini

    Does anyone have one of these yet? If so how do you like it? Iv put the laser hobby aside for the last year or so and im very intrigued with some of the new offering from Jet lasers and Sanwu Lasers. I used to have a 50mw(120mw lpmed) ple pro but it was imo to large for the power it made. This...
  15. Alex2893

    Ehgemus/dtr custom 1+w 520nm laser SOLD

    SOLD I would like to sell my fully custom Ehgemus/dtr 1.4W 520nm laser.:whistle: I really sont want to but some unexpected costs are making it to close for comfort to pay rent. and to be honest its kinda to bright to have fun with if that makes any since. never thought id ever say that...
  16. Alex2893

    Long distance 1.4 Watt 520nm beamshots

    Control no Zoom SAM_0966 by Alex Littig, on Flickr .68 miles SAM_0977 by Alex Littig, on Flickr 1 Mile SAM_0967 by Alex Littig, on Flickr 1 mile SAM_0976 by Alex Littig, on Flickr 2 miles SAM_0965 by Alex Littig, on Flickr 2.2 miles SAM_0971 by Alex Littig, on Flickr 2.6 miles SAM_0975...
  17. Alex2893

    4 laser bundle

    Im in need of some quick funds so im selling 4 of my cheaper lasers as a bundle. Im not looking to sell them individually as i simply dont have the time. SOLD TO SCOPEGUY20 Im going to sell all 4 lasers for $85 shipped usa only. $85 is as low as i would like to go . 20160621_074300 by Alex...
  18. Alex2893

    Wts: All sold (everything will ship tomorrow)

    I am selling some of my lasers as im having car problems and need the money :(. I really dont want to sell these but i have no choice. For sale 1) Jetlasers Ple Pro 473nm 50mw(120mw peak) $190 shipped within usa, (needs a few min of warm up to reach over 100mw) awesome color when its warmed...
  19. Alex2893

    Ehgemus/dtr custom 1+w 520nm laser(UPDATE SNOW PHOTOS AND VIDEOS)

    The Beast is here !!! This is not going to be a big fancy review. Iv been sick for awhile and dont have much energy. But this laser is such a beast i managed to take some nice photos and get a lpm graph. A few days ago i received my custom 520nm laser from Ehgemus with DTR's completed laser...
  20. Alex2893

    Pen Laser Fun with LPM graphs and Beamshots and Videos :D

    Here are my 3 high output pen lasers. I have always wanted a high output pen laser and now i have 3. I bought 2 of these lasers from members on this forum.(CrazySpaz, Alien Laser). i would like to thank both of you for the great deals :D Sanwu 445nm Pocket Laser:Has a soft start driver,G7 lens...