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  1. Alex2893

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Awesome laser. I love the heat sink. Just a nice simple reliable no frills 405nm burner and the purple host color is a nice touch.
  2. Alex2893


    Any updates on the W40 and W50. I have been waiting for these since the beginning of the year
  3. Alex2893

    cheap USB microscope from amazon takes good photos of laser diodes

    Surprised at how well this cheap $20 usb microscope works and how good the images are for the price. defiantly recommend these usb microscope 2 by Alex Littig, on Flickr usb microscope by Alex Littig, on Flickr microscope laser diode image zoom 1 by Alex Littig, on Flickr laser diode...
  4. Alex2893

    New Sanwu 304 green laser not working (solved)

    Luckily now a days reverse polarity protection is standard in most built lasers these days. i remember about 6 years ago it was standard for flashlights but not lasers. even some nice lpf build lasers. All it takes is one time not paying enough attention and accidentally putting in a battery...
  5. Alex2893

    Selling a few lasers and a Sanwu beam expander ALL SOLD

    I am selling off a few lasers at low prices to recoup some money. I need a new bed. My sleep quality was been starting to degrade rapidly. First up the Jet Lasers Ple Mini 520NM. it was sold to me a as a 1W here on the forum. However it only measures about 850 mw on my meter at max. There is an...
  6. Alex2893

    I'm selling some masterpieces from my handheld collection ...

    I haven't been on the fourms in a few years and I decided to log on today and see what new advancements there are in laser tech. I then found this post and read about everything you have been going through. I haven't spoke with you but after reading everything you are a great guy and a...
  7. Alex2893

    Huge laser sale 589,532,488 etc.

    If the 488 is not sold I'll take it
  8. Alex2893

    New Laser Fan

    If it has a cap on it take it off then it will be a traditional laser with a focused down spot.
  9. Alex2893

    New Laser Fan

    First things first make sure you have proper laser safety glasses if your looking at getting a high powered laser. https://www.survivallaser.com/Safety_Goggles/cat556089_826120.aspx. this company sells very high quality safety glasses. That said I recommend sanwu lasers and Jetlasers as the...
  10. Alex2893

    Q-line elf 488nm water proof laser

    Thats doable
  11. Alex2893

    Q-line elf 488nm water proof laser

    those of you that ordered it off ebay what was the shipping wait time like?
  12. Alex2893

    Q-line elf 488nm water proof laser

    https://laserpointerstore.com/q-line-elf-waterproof-laser-pointer Anyone have this laser. It seams like a decent deal for the 488nm diode.
  13. Alex2893

    Looking for 520-525 1-1.5W Lowest divergence w/o correction

    There is no greens over 1w with that low if divergence. Your best bet is the plp520-b1. It's around 200mw and the divergence in my testing is under .5 mrad. The divergence of a 1w 520nm is about the same as a m140 445nm diode. Also your 405 is a single mode so you can't expect great divergence...
  14. Alex2893

    FS: Sanwu Laser store - RGB handheld lasers, 405nm,445nm,465nm,470nm,505nm,515nm,520nm,525nm,635nm,650nm

    Podo I was looking at the 1.2 watt 520nm and the 1.2w 525nm. What the the differences in beam divergence, power. I noticed the 525nm is $40 cheaper and was curious if it would be worth going with that diode over the other one. Thanks, Alex
  15. Alex2893

    Lifetime17 built 1w Oclaro 635nm in red 501b. Large price drop. $80 shipped.

    I used my Huawei mate 10 pro. It's camera is unbelievable
  16. Alex2893

    Lifetime17 built 1w Oclaro 635nm in red 501b. Large price drop. $80 shipped.

    No worry's Rich. I knew these doides don't have warrantys so I knew nothing could be done so I just decided to sell as is.