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  1. Dusty

    Solar-Powered Laser

    I saw this article and thought I would share it here (appologies if this has been posted before)...:beer: Technology Review: Solar-Powered Laser EDIT: just realised this thread would be better in the science and lasers section, if a mod would kindly move it for me that would be great...
  2. Dusty

    Are there any Petrolheads on this forum??

    One of my main interests (other than lasers obviously ;)) are cars, in particular Audi and VWs are my favorite. I was just wondering if anyone else here shares this passion? (doesnt have to be just VW and Audi, but anything with an engine...:D) I'm just interested to see what people around the...
  3. Dusty

    A collection of recent beam shots!

    Here are a few pics I took recently, thought I would share them with you guys... The first three are the rayfoss 200mW... The rest are the WL Photonic Disruptor Pro...
  4. Dusty

    Review of Rayfoss 200mW Green Focusable Laser Torch(RF 532-200mW-FLX) + New Pics

    This is my first laser review so here goes: Price - $150 (£91.65 approx) Specifications (from Rayfoss.com): Size:φ40*220MM Wavelength:532 nm Power output:180-200mW Safe Class:ClassⅢB Circuit:APC Dot shape: Dot——Circle Beam: CW Tolerance of power output:<15% Dot Size:10 meters<φ18MM Focus...
  5. Dusty

    Noob here

    Hey all, im new to the site and just wanted to say hello to all the members. I have been interested in lasers for some years now, used to have a cheap 5mw red pointer, and just recently got into DIY lasers with my first blu-ray build. I look forward to learning more....:thanks: