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  1. twelti

    CO2 gas for laser - Source

    Does anyone have a good source for CO2 blend for flowing laser tube? I have been looking but struck out so far. It doesn't help that there is apparently a Helium shortage right now. One company that does have it said they are only selling to hospitals and large accounts right now because of that.
  2. twelti

    Multiple electrodes to minimize voltage requirement

    I'm interested in learning more about CO2 lasers. I would love to eventually build one. It's more of a thought process right now, I'm still learning about lasers in general. I'd be interested in a 80 + watt device (maybe start with a smaller one to learn on). I'd love to use a design that...
  3. twelti

    Cheap "Scanners"

    I found a link in another thread here with Chinese suppliers, and found this cheap "scanner' (what they are calling galvanometers I guess): http://goldenstarlaser.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=96_97&product_id=256 The cheapest one is $40 (?!?) That can't be right, though the pic...
  4. twelti

    Banggood RGB module

    Does anyone know anything about this Banggood item: RGB 300mW White Laser Dot Module Red Green Blue 638nm 520nm 450nm TTL Driver Modulation it sells for around $50. Seems like a bargain.
  5. twelti

    Intro and need advice for goggles

    New to lasers. I am interested in learning more about lasers, and probably building a couple, and see if I get the "Laser bug" for real. I just think they are beautiful and fascinating, and powerful. I just bought a "5W Thor High Power 450nm..." blue laser from Ebay. The price is very low...