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  1. JLM

    For Sale: WL 300mW Krypton and more(updated :(07/19/2016) Price Drop!!

    Wicked Laser Krypton 300mW Smart Switch 2.0. This laser is a solid 310mW 532nm. The laser is in mint condition, less than 20min of total use. (my wife laser) Originally paid for it $300. I will sell it for $250 Free Shipping! I will ship it Priority Mail with Insurance, US shipping only. SOLD...
  2. JLM

    Sold: NEW WL Arctic 1320mW Sold!!

    Hello LPF, I have for sale 2 of my favorite’s laser but I need money quick. Sold! NEW Wicked Laser Spyder III Arctic 1.25W+ model. This Arctic was the $400 model one week ago in Wicked Laser website. This unit was measured to ensure the correct power and stability, laser condition is...
  3. JLM

    WTB Working Wicked Laser Arctic Driver

    Hello guys, if you have a working driver for a Wicked Laser Arctic G2 I need 2 drivers. Please PM me with description and price. Thanks :beer:
  4. JLM

    PRICE DROPED! WL E3 405nm 80mW!!

    Hello LPF, I have for sale: Sold!!Wicked Laser Krypton 300mW Smart Switch 2.0 and manufacturing date: February 2012. It's my baby in my collection, tested today with one new IMR AW 18650 2000mAh and this bad guy peak 380mW :bowdown:, 330mW at 5min and 305mw at 10min (This unit is Tesla Cool...
  5. JLM

    SOLD!!!: WL Arctic host with working driver!!!

    Hello LPF, I have for sale: SOLD!!!WL Arctic Laser host with working driver this unit is offered As-Is for parts or repair. My favorite host is the arctic host is perfect combination of mad and sexy. This Arctic is a G2 model with Smart Switch 1.0, this driver was tested for the pictures with...
  6. JLM

    Magic Stick V3 26650 3W 445nm

    Hello LPF, I will present to the community my first review, the Magic Stick V3 26650, host created by Sinner. I only want to advice that my English language in not good, in case of grammatical errors sorry. This MSV3 host is amazing; the machining work is excellent, the polished finish is like...
  7. JLM

    SOLD: 532nm Fire Dragon P/R

    Hello LPF, I have for sale a Fire Dragon 532nm, this unit is for parts or repair. The unit doesn’t collimate and have a 4’’ dot at 10 feet. I don’t know how to fix the lens problem, the unit power on and work with variable power (150mW-260mW), when I bought it was offered as 350mW. The host has...
  8. JLM

    SOLD!!!: Uniphase Novette 1507-0 633nm Helium Neon Gas Laser

    Hi LPF, I have to Sale one Uniphase Novette 1507-0 633nm Helium Neon Gas Laser. Factory minimum rated output power is 0.8mW I don’t have LPM to offer a real output, but the point is very bright. Factory information is: Weight: 1.2LB., CDRH Class: IIIa, Wave Length: 633nm, Nominal Operating...
  9. JLM

    3.56W 445 Laser on ebay

    I don’t want to believe but observe the video and say WOW. 3 56W to 4 w 445nm Blue Laser Kit Blue Visible Beam with New Focusable Lens | eBay 3.56w to 4.10w 445nm Blue Laser - YouTube
  10. JLM

    532nm 400mW Green laser module host

    In this moment, exists a custom host for this module? DIY Lab Indutrial 532nm 400mW Green Laser Module Stable | eBay Thanks
  11. JLM

    WOW! New Spyder III Krypton Wicked $229.95 on Amazon

    This price looks very good. Spyder III Krypton Wicked Laser Set With Manual, Charger & Rechargeable Battery The link is: Amazon.com: Spyder III Krypton Wicked Laser Set With Manual, Charger & Rechargeable Battery: Sports & Outdoors Enjoy!