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  1. tsteele93

    Just had to share this - Merry Christmas

    Wouldn't you love to work with a laser like this one? I've been away from the forum for quite a while. I'm going to do some reading and probably going to grab something new for my collection. I have missed it a lot!
  2. tsteele93


    I've been away for a while with other interests. Just was on eBay getting some home automation stuff and saw DTR-s. Store. OMG! Are you guys really doing 6w blues and 1 watt greens! I don't have time tonight, but looks like I'll be shopping here in a few weeks. Congrats to Lazeerer! I saw a...
  3. tsteele93

    Interesting Battery

    I don't know how this would work for some of the drivers, but this is an interesting power source and it looks like a decent range of auto values. Let me know if it is usable for any of you. Cheap 2600mAh Aluminum Tubes Cylindrical Mobile Power for iPhone 4/4S, Various Cell Phones and Digital...
  4. tsteele93

    FMT Buck Driver testing

    I am terribly behind on so many things right now, it is frankly embarrassing. This is one of those things. Tom has sent me several FMT drivers to test and I've had several problems on my end - finally I have one that I haven't killed and is ready to test... and I have finally gotten around to...
  5. tsteele93

    Another laser driver resource...

    I was perusing this thread in search of new laser driver sources, Laser driver with 500mA current I found this interesting PDF... http://www.ichaus.biz/wp4_fastlaserdriver Here is a link to the order sheet, they aren't cheap... http://shop.ichausamerica.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=iC-HG...
  6. tsteele93

    Winni at Goldenstarlaser.com

    Ok, I'll try to keep this short. FAIL- You can skip to the bottom for a TL;DR and pics and vids! A little while ago I got to talking with Hak about the REKE500. He can get you a great deal on the Pangolin QuickShow software and FB3 DAC which is pretty awesome stuff. I'll talk more about that...
  7. tsteele93

    Looking for crystals?

    I haven't found a price yet, but just looking at this site for a few minutes and they have some interesting combos. Like LBO @ 457nm... Nd:YVO4 Crystals for dpss laser Scroll to bottom for LBO info.
  8. tsteele93

    Mohgasm JAD HELP wiring colors?

    I have an old JAD driver and it has blue and green wires. I don't want to crack it open. Does anyone remember which is positive and which is negative? Thanks!
  9. tsteele93

    If you are thinking about designing a driver...

    You should definitely give this a read... Excellent resource for noobs and pros as well! SMPS design reference manual-PDF This website is also a treasure chest full of information on SMPS design... SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLY TUTORIAL - BLOCK DIAGRAM, THEORY OF OPERATION DESIGN BASICS
  10. tsteele93

    I think many of us have a few goodies from here...

  11. tsteele93

    FS: 500 Trillion Watt Laser - SOLD

    Looks like this one has been purchased by taxpayers... World’s most powerful laser fires most powerful laser blast ever! Pretty neat!
  12. tsteele93

    What's next after REKE500?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a REKE500. Before I do, is there anything better in the same general price range, or even let's say under a grand? I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking a better option. Thanks,
  13. tsteele93

    Some potential laser driver IC's

    I had seen these chips elsewhere at much higher prices. Laser Diode Drivers at SemiconductorStore.com These prices make these affordable for a laser driver design. Some of these chips allow you to parallel the IC's multiple outputs to stack currents. This one is a bit expensive $9 USD but it...
  14. tsteele93

    Which way does the lens go?

    I have a green all taken apart. I'm trying to put it together and the focus lens (final piece of glass) is apart. I'm ASSUMING that the curved piece is outward. laserbeam -----> |) Not laserbeam -----> (| thanks
  15. tsteele93

    Went to the eye doctor...

    Routine checkup to update my contact lens prescription. She noticed one thing, My irises have lost some pigmentation. It is a leakage of the pigmentation in the iris into other parts of the eye. It is believed to be caused by the lens rubbing on the iris, the shape of the iris or something...
  16. tsteele93

    Test load question?

    Instead of running a bunch of diodes in series to create a test load, why not just chose some zeners dialed in at red, blue and violet voltage drops? Is it a practical matter? Is it too hard to find a 3v Zener that can handle 500mA? Or 4v Zener that can do 4A? Or am I missing something bigger...
  17. tsteele93

    SMD soldering... Not as hard as it looks!

    I've been working on some drivers, like laserluke's buck driver, which uses a very tough Surface Mount IC. It looks daunting. But this video is amazing and really helped me have the confidence to do some very small scale soldering. 3NN7UGWYmBY
  18. tsteele93

    Poor Man's Buck

    Stumbled on this today. Good learning kit. Kinda big at 1inch x 1.5inch. Poorman’s Buck – High Power LED driver $15 + $5 shipping... Ouch. $20 total.
  19. tsteele93

    Eagle questions

    I am trying to use Eagle to design a new test load. I figure a test-load is a pretty basic starting point and I want to see if I can build a better mousetrap. Regardless of whether it is something I can sell here, or just something for my own use, I'd like to do this to learn more about...
  20. tsteele93

    Parts issue, Benboost and more...

    When putting together a parts list for the Benboost, I found what I thought was the holy grail of 0805 capacitors. It was a Kemet x7r, 22uF, 16v 0805 capacitor from Allied Electronics. It was on sale and seemed to be the perfect capacitor for output on many drivers, especially the BenBoost...