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  1. mathyou9

    FOR SALE: Stingray II (405nm <253mw [peak])

    [Bump. Asking price determined; see OP]
  2. mathyou9

    "appraisal"/advice on pricing

    I've got a post in the "Buy, Sell, & Trade" section, but I need some sort of informal "appraisal." Please see http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/possibly-sale-stingray-ii-405nm-253mw-peak-55667.html for more details. DISCLAIMER: It is not my intent for this to be a shameless plug for my "Buy...
  3. mathyou9

    FOR SALE: Stingray II (405nm <253mw [peak])

    Re: *POSSIBLY* for sale: Stingray II (405nm <253mw [peak]) Here is an image: Here's the the same picture, but hi-res if you prefer. --- And, of course, a video. For this video, I light a match at 13 feet. Granted, distance is somewhat irrelevant with a focusable laser, so that shouldn't...
  4. mathyou9

    FOR SALE: Stingray II (405nm <253mw [peak])

    Re: *POSSIBLY* for sale: Stingray II (405nm <253mw [peak]) Correct. It just depends on the price. As I've written before, I don't know what a laser with its specs would go for TODAY brand-new. A lot can change being out of the laser scene for 16 months; e.g., prices drop, 445nm diodes come...
  5. mathyou9

    FOR SALE: Stingray II (405nm <253mw [peak])

    Re: *POSSIBLY* for sale: Stingray II (405nm <253mw [peak]) I honestly don't have any clue what a fair asking price is, hence, I'm trying to figure out by starting this this thread. With inexpensive 445nm diodes coming out and 405nm diodes getting cheaper and more powerful, all the while NOT...
  6. mathyou9

    FOR SALE: Stingray II (405nm <253mw [peak])

    [edited to added price] $120 shipped OBO (I am so sorry; $120 shipped to the continental US. I'll ship overseas, but I'll have to add more for S&H. [I added the price so hastily to my post that I forgot to include that detail.] My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.) [see...
  7. mathyou9

    Want to sell/trade Oakley Metal Plate (Rx) frames

    Oakley sells their entire product line at their website EXCEPT they don't sell their prescription frames there (and these are prescription frames.) One has to go through an "authorized dealer" (or questionable gray market dealer) to get them. As such, I'm sure Oakley is making a substantial...
  8. mathyou9

    Want to sell/trade Oakley Metal Plate (Rx) frames

    Here are the actual articles taken with my own camera: And here are some other images (not my own, but borrowed from the merchant I purchased them from.)
  9. mathyou9

    Want to sell/trade Oakley Metal Plate (Rx) frames

    Due to my lack of attention and poor planning, I am now the proud owner of two (2) pairs of matte black Oakley Metal Plate (prescription) frames. One set it at the optometrist getting filled with my prescription. The other set is in transit to my house schedule to arrive in the next couple of...
  10. mathyou9

    Laser_Ben is a rip off! Don't buy from him!!!!

    Here's what I think happened (it's all hypothetical, though): ----------begin hypothetical-------------- *sportcoupe made the purchase. *sportcoupe shortly thereafter experienced "buyer's remorse" (obviously he wished for his money back, but renegging a deal is a cowardly thing to do.)...
  11. mathyou9

    phosphorescence and Blu-ray

    After I got my Blu-ray laser a few months ago, I thoroughly entertained myself by shining it onto the phosphorescent screen of my CRT television with the lights turned out; leaving a [brief] glow-in-the-dark trail on the screen. Then naturally (as I'm sure many of you have probably already done)...
  12. mathyou9

    SOLD: brand-new WL Advanced 35mW

    Re: For Sale: brand-new WL Advanced 35mW TEST "lasercommunity" In quotes above I wrote the name of WL's official forum [added] well it seems that the powers-that-be have filtered said forum name to show up as "the" so just copy and paste the URL and replace "the" with "[name of WL's forum]"
  13. mathyou9

    SOLD: brand-new WL Advanced 35mW

    Re: For Sale: brand-new WL Advanced 35mW Through a contest that WL put on. www[dot]lasercommunity[dot]com/youtube-challenge-winner-t17426.html The prize was supposed to have been WL's Evo 5mW model, but they are out of those. I was offered the Advanced 35mW in its place. EDIT What the hell...
  14. mathyou9

    SOLD: brand-new WL Advanced 35mW

    edited to add: SOLD I have acquired a brand-new Wicked Lasers Advanced 35mW model laser. It retails for $139.99 at WL. I don't need it. I'd be happy to get $90 out of it, but I am open to all reasonable offers.
  15. mathyou9

    Anyone interested in an RPL

    Bumping to add: When I first offered this laser for sale, the output power I provided was just an estimate without a current proper power meter reading. So here's an update: A few weeks ago I got the power tested with the help of Dr. Sohl at the physics department of Weber State Univeristy...
  16. mathyou9

    Li-Ion 18650 question

    thanks for the replies Tangentially, I know the batteries in question have protection circuits; my laser has done exactly as you described; i.e., it just stopped working with drained batteries. And just today, using the 3.15V-18650, my laser appeared to just stop working (perhaps I'll recharge...
  17. mathyou9

    Li-Ion 18650 question

    Mods, move this elsewhere if need be.  Anyway-- Do Li-Ion 18650 batteries ever peak higher than the norm of 3.7V.  I ask because I have two 18650s that my multimeter shows are well above 4V.  One reads 4.15V and the other at 4.25V. I tested numerous other batteries whose voltage were within...
  18. mathyou9

    RPL voltage

    Does anyone here know what the voltage is regulated at in a [non-adjustable] RPL? Just curious. Thanks
  19. mathyou9

    SONAR CASES [all sales have been finalized]

    Re: SONAR CASES FOR SALE BUMP [see revised initial post]
  20. mathyou9

    question about voltage for 405nm pointers

    eBay user heruursciences sells these 405nm modules quite often. My first observation is, his units take a AAA battery. I'm just wondering what he has done exactly to work down the voltage on these diodes. It seems that most 405nm modules use substantially more voltage than 1.5V My first guess...