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    Ben Boost Mini and Osram PL450B?

    Hi, I recently purchased some Ben Boost Mini drivers from Moh and want to do a single mode 450nm build. With Ben's help (thanks Ben!)I found I need 1.9 Ohms of resistance to get the current to 100mA. I have some 1R8 resistors coming so I can set the current to ~ 100ma or 200ma depending on...
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    Source for Red Diodes

    Anyone know of a good source for the red diodes. Last time I got them from Stonetek but they are not on his website. I see come on ebay but thought I'd ask here first. I only plan on powering them to ~50. Any driver ideas for power by 2 aa? I might just by a cheap pen laser to take apart...
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    Cheers for Aixiz

    I recently placed an order with Aixiz. Chuck was a pleasure to deal with and it arrived promptly. There was an error on the order. They sent the correct item out immediatly and I got to keep the the extra item that was mistakingly sent! Overall great experience!
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    Laser Tunnel Gun

    Has anyone seen the laser tunnel gun: http://www.lasersaber.com/TunnelGun.html It looks pretty good in the video! Thanks for the input! Chris
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    2mW violet laser $60

    This excellent laser was made by yobresal : "And finally I have a 2mW violet laser. This is a very small laser that takes a single AA battery. It has a rear clicky switch and an adjustable focus. This laser is only 2mW @405nm so it does not appear very bright but it is still a fun color to play...
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    Pulsar duty cycle?

    Does the Pulsar have a duty cycle? Has anyone burned one out? I don't see how they could have much heatsinking but maybe they are protected by their low current. Thanks! Chris
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    Wanted: Pulsar (or DIY SenKat Mod)!!

    I'd like to trade a Creative Zen V Plus 4Gig MP3 player for a high power red laser.  It's factory refurbished but NEW and unopened.   Features: Radio, Audio Player, Voice Recorder, Audio Recorder, Photo Viewer, Video Player, Calendar. Cost ~$100. Would like a used Pulsar but will gladly...
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    DIY 2AAA/ 2AA?

    I've read that the Pulsar is a direct drive off the 2 AAA batteries.  Has anyone tried to make a 2AAA laser with one of Senkat's diodes?