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  1. tomsk

    Laser pointer of Hulk???

    My custom build, using 4x18650 battery, 2x 6W+ diode inside.
  2. tomsk

    My laser custom build 2x18650.

  3. tomsk

    My new 6w+ with host Sunwayman T45C

    My Blue 6w+ with host T45C Sunwayman and 1X lens fix beam using primary G2 lens, squeeze the beam back like 3-layer glass but no loss of power
  4. tomsk

    2x18650 laser host DIY.

    The host made by me, another want someone can contact me. Prices is $75 not include shipping.
  5. tomsk

    Radiant X4 review.

    Hi everyone, I received the gift LPM posts from Illumination Supply, this was great fun for me this Christmas, a few product images. My own feeling is very good product, the highest measurement capability is 3W. Ability to meet very good, however, I have yet to connect it to my computer to...
  6. tomsk

    Super mini Red laser 22X 250mW.

    :san:Hi everyone, this is bulid Red laser pointer using 22X diode, mini module aixiz, host is UltraFire flashlight UF-T1, 10440 battery, twish switch.
  7. tomsk

    Blue Laser Dual Diode 9mm.

    This is my project for laser pointer used dual diode 9mm, 26650 host. Using two diodes 9mm with copper heatsink and glass lens for 445nm. Testing + heatsink about 500mW/diode. The cube. Driver module with heatsink Button with Eagle Eye Led Green. Finish. Eagle switch. Front...
  8. tomsk

    My Blue 2W Pro.

    This is my Blue laser pointer 2W/ 5 mode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdFZ4j0b5Pw
  9. tomsk

    I don't order from O-like.

    I can not order anything from any o-like dish, although it can successfully register your account. Does anyone have the status as me? Please help me. thank you
  10. tomsk

    Blue 1W mini with Tank007 driver.

    This is my blue laser, driver Tank007, set as 1170mA. Clip ‪Mini 1W Blue laser.flv‬‏ - YouTube Thank rhd ;)
  11. tomsk

    My Blue laser dual Flexdrive 1700mA.

    My Flex V5 fix 1500mA I use 2 Flexdrive Set as 850mA each. Tested. My heatsink Soldered. Lens for 445nm by O-like. Test again. Finish. I 'am from Vietnam. Thank for watching. :thanks:
  12. tomsk

    My Laser 1000mW, driver from DX NJG-18

    I from Vietnam, this is my laser. Thank :D
  13. tomsk

    Canceled order from Dr. Lava

    :bowdown:Hi everyone. I was in Vietnam, and that forum for quite some time, have done many successful laser lamp, and most recently a blue laser 1600mW plants (under comparable information on the forum), use the driver from DX. However, I am not up to show off, but there are several questions...