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    Match Light Picture

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    Porro Prism + Greenie

    Took an old pair of binoculars apart and pulled out the prism from them and had a play with the greenie and this is what i got. it could be a lot better, but it is currently 4:45am and i want to go to bed :P
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    Not a brilliant shot, but took some scanners from work apart and took the mirrors out of them and made a little laser maze :D
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    Lazering the London Eye

    Well since I made my laser tripod rig, and I happend to be in London shooting for a car event, I thought I would give the rig a try out on the London Eye. Here's the results, and I have to say, they are actually some beam shots i'm happy with :D
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    Tripod Laser Rig

    I got a thinking the other night when i had both tripods out, one for the camera, one for the laser, that it was a bit too much kit to be carrying around, and not the quickest setup time. I have a car rig that I use for slapping my tripod to the side of cars for long exposure's, so I got that...
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    Pictures of my Greenie - Few more beam shots added

    Wooo, after a slight bit of creative spamming, I can now post pictures :D Thanks to N00B off here, I am now the proud owner of a Dragon Lasers Viper 75mw. Big thanks to him for sorting it all out so promptly :D Here's a few pictures of it. They are nothing special at the moment, as I am a bit...
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    Some say i am new

    Guess i am a newbie :D Hello there and greetings. My names Biffter (i think) and i am freelance photographer based in London UK, and I seem to have picked up the bug for green laser's Been lurking here and reading, digesting, and storing all the info for a while now, but joined up the other...