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    What have I extracted?

    I am a noob when it comes to building lasers--I've never built one before. I have two blue lasers from Blord (a 1.5W and 2.5W) and a green one from dealextreme. I want to build one on my own for once, and I was trying to extract a diode from the DVD drive of an old, broken laptop of mine. The...
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    Two lasers from Blord

    Hello everyone. Last November I saw a video of a guy killing an aiptasia anemone (reef aquarium pest) with a laser, and I knew I had to have one. I was having problems with aiptasia at the time, and while using a laser isn’t necessarily the most efficient way of killing these pests, it is...
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    Question about saftey goggles

    Okay, so I know there are about 10,000 posts on here about safety goggles, and tons of great stickys on safety goggles, but I still had a question. I just bought a 1.5W 445nm laser to kill some pests in my aquarium. I bought some safety goggles with my laser but I want to get a second pair. I...