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    FS: 150+ MW CNI PEN

    Still have this one for sale.. Priced to sell quick. Comes with a power chart produces an average at 154mw and a peak in the 160's. Priced to sell quick $250 shipped anywhere in the USA. Nova has the same laser priced at $420. I also still have a Nova X100 which puts out 124mw average with a...
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    150mw CNI green pen

    Paid like $380 on a group buy.. Average is above 150mw and peak is in the 160's. I have a power chart. Looking at $310 shipped anywhere in the USA. Need to sell quick since I have a new toy coming in this week.
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    Thought I would try out an X100

    So I keep hearing how nova is such a great company, so on impulse while buying some lens from nova I added an X100 in the cart. Well I got my X100 and figured it would peak at 120mw and average 110mw ish.. But it says peak 147mw with an average of 120mw, holy cow!!!!! So far I am impressed.
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    FS: pulsar 125

    I realized I still have a pulsar in my collection, originally this pulsar 75 was my first "high" power laser but it had issues and I returned it and was upgraded to the P125. It has about 10-15 mins of use on it, the only thing I can note is it has a small scuff on the end cap. This is one of...
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    FS Green Dragon laser

    I have a 125mw green dragon laser, from what I understand its just a CNI pen laser that DL resells. I cant guarantee it puts out 125mw (I dont have a power meter) you can do a search here and find out more about dragon lasers and their actual vs claimed output but its probably still close to...
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    quick batt question.

    So I have been using 2 AAA batts in a holder I bought at radio shack to power my lasers I have been building before I put them in flashlights ect. Well one day I put in some new batts and was running a DVD burner diode which I had run many times before.. A few seconds latter one of the batteries...
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    Red laser shades..

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330163807148&_trksid=p3907.m32&_trkparms=tab%3DSelling I have a pair of wicked 650nm shades on ebay.. Starting price of $20 and shipping calculated to your door. Like the auction says they are realtivly new and only used a few times just to see...
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    how do you get the diode out?

    I have an axiz I bought with the diode in since they were out of stock of the empty ones. Anyways I cant get the diode or circuit board out of the housing. It just seems stuck. Is it just glued in? Should I put it in the oven?
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    Help me pick my next laser..

    I have a green laser and a red laser along with some DVD diodes on my way to build my own super red laser, but I am looking for a new toy.. I was thinking about a different color such as orange or blue but I want to keep my budget at around $250-300, and for that price range. But if anyone has a...
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    Newer pulsar?

    I have a new pulsar its the newer silver case and it looks different than the older black ones which has a DIY to mod it. Does anyone know the difference or of a DIY to mod it?
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    How to clean viper laser?

    I have a viper 125mw laser and I noticed my beam was spreading out more than usual. I blew across the laser (stupid) and I guess I blew more dust on the lense and made it worse... I wasnt sure how to take the end cap off(if possible or how to take it apart) or how to clean it or what to use to...