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    Is this true for you? NWS NWS NWS NWS

    lol, yes 4 me.. ;D
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    favorite games

    well title says it here're mine: 1. deus ex 2. queke III arena 3. half life 1 4. world of warcraft (playing atm) 5. warcraft III tft(custom games ;D) 6. fallout II so what are your's?
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    cool table

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=Celw6jBGNqM&feature=related i want one :'( edit: beter cooler links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKEOYfYQO08 source: http://www.dbfletcher.com/capstan/
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    tut for shorting alpha series battery cap

    ok, so like in the title, this is a tut on how to make the shorting pin and keylock on the alpha series useless, the uses of this mod are that the safety switches that you override are actually overkill, appature and 3 sec timer are way enough(imo) WARNING: this could be irreversible, so don't...
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    FS alpha 105(avg 127, peak 130)

    well as the title says i'm selling it, recently bought from xarylx it's in mint condition, only problem is that the saftey options(keyswitch and shorting key) are faulty so i shorted them= only saftey left are 3second delay, which is way enough for me, and apature, best thing there is, you can...
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    WL shades problems

    well i recieved my lasershades from WL(AWESOME 2 DAY SHIPPING) yesterday and noticed a problem, maybe my eyes are too small, but as in the pic, there is a visible spot(unprotected) where the red circles are. just wondering if any1 had this problem
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    need some alpha.series optics

    well title says it all, i just wont pay 25 bucks shipping(worldwide) for some line generator and other stuff so I'll want a line generator and a DG Matrix with an alpha holder well thx, nata
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    battery life of novalasers x-series and alpha-seri

    well i just read something about x-150's needing fresh batteries every 10 minutes or so, so are the specs trustable on novalasers(1-2hours on standard batteries) and on the alpha series 2-3hours?
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    buying goggles(red&green) dont need anymore

    i spent the last 2 hours reading old threads about group buy goggles, and not knowing what is still up to date(member2's pay site doeasnt seem to be working). so I need goggles for green and red(if possible both together, if it exists) well i dont have that much money to spent, thats why i...
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    where to buy small mirrors

    i need some small morrors(round if possible) to put onto motors and make a "scanner"(simple and primitive, but it works) cause i did it with some crappy plastic mirrors and it looked cool, but not clean. well europe would bve nice too(i hate high shipping costs) thx nata edit: found a place...
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    buying broken dx lasers

    well the title says it all actually, dont have to be dx lasers, its jsut that i dont have that much money would like cheap shipping to europe(switzerland) thx, nata
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    some laser goggles

    http://cgi.ebay.com/British-Special-Forces-Laser-Goggles_W0QQitemZ300193520200QQihZ020QQcategoryZ67580QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD2VQQcmdZViewItem?_trksid=p1638.m122 these any good?
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    question about rpl 30mw blue

    i intend on getting an RPL 400(green) and a 30mw RPL(blue) from optotronics, cause i hope to be getting alot of money soon, i'm just not sure about the blue laser, because i'm not sure about the beam visiblity. till now my only high power laser was a senkat diode diy setup, and on that the beam...
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    ddl's driver?

    I'm using a diode out of a 20x Pioneer DVD burner. The dot is extremely weak when attached to ddl's driver with the pot on zero resistance. How could I increase power? If anyone has experience with these diodes please post information. Thanks
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    Question about X105

    I've noticed every1's talking about 105's but on novalasers the only 105 they have is on the alpha series, so does every1 mean the X-series 100 or alpha 105? and is the advertised 2-3 hours of battery life true(even with recharables)?
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    PSP for trade

    I have a psp for sale, its modded (see below) and because I'm new, I'd like to use a middle man, i only want trade,because i want my 1st laser soon, and i dont mind second hand, because i wouldn't have enough money to buy a new one. sound doesn't work on the speakers, but headphones still...
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    anti static strap help

    i just ordered a anti static strap for my still coming diodes, and my question is where to clamp the alligator clamp onto? help isnt that urgent(just ordered the stuff with the cheapest shipping, so its just cause im wondering) strap: dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5451 thnaks
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    help for ddl's driver

    hi guys i've been reading on these forums for a while and have finally chosen to make a red burner(cheapness), so ibought all the components for ddl's driver, ordered a pre-fit diode in an aixis module from senkat(stonetek) and now theres only 1 thing i dont get with the ddl driver, what leads...