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  1. rog8811

    LPF History 102 - Where Are They Now?

    I teach on a nature reserve and put small critters under a microscope which are then projected on a big screen, lots of pointing required....I have been known to use one of my 7 colour lasers for the same thing but it seems to be a bit of a distraction :) Regards Rog
  2. rog8811

    LPF History 102 - Where Are They Now?

    Hi Blokes, I dropped in to say hi to any who remember me, I still have all my lasers, I use my first blu-ray almost every day at work, but since we stopped doing Halloween events the rest of them just seem to sit in drawers and boxes these days as I have little reason to use them. Doesn't mean I...
  3. rog8811

    A newbie agin.... forgot everything I knew

    Crickey...a legend in my own lunchtime! Thanks for the welcome everyone, it is good to see that LPF is as vibrant and argumentative as ever.:) I have been given a number of recommendation of what to read and where to buy so will be quietly working things through and popping up here and there to...
  4. rog8811

    A newbie agin.... forgot everything I knew

    Hi LPF'ers, some of you will know me most will not, I sort of retired from lasers to do other things around 3 years ago. It was nothing to do with the community or the forums it was that I had other things to design and build. I have been forced out of retirement with a commission for...
  5. rog8811

    DP* Just noticed the link in meatballs post! That is what I am looking for! Regards rog8811

    DP* Just noticed the link in meatballs post! That is what I am looking for! Regards rog8811
  6. rog8811

    Hi FML, long time no see :) I am wanting to build a rgb led 3 axis spinner, was it you who made...

    Hi FML, long time no see :) I am wanting to build a rgb led 3 axis spinner, was it you who made one some time ago and showed it on LPF? I have tried a number of searches but found nothing Regards rog8811
  7. rog8811

    Scanner parts for sale UK only

    Thank you TJ, things just moved on and I had to follow.... Regards rog8811
  8. rog8811

    Scanner parts for sale UK only

    Hi guys, long time no see! ..... and I return as I want to raise some money :) Many moons ago I started building up a 20K projector, see link. http://laserpointerforums.com/f47/chinese-dept-store-20k-kit-32816-2.html I had it running through a norm DAC using his free software, I understand...
  9. rog8811

    Tutorial: Yellow Pointer Project - Cool!

    Re: Yellow Pointer Project - Cool! Nice one Jay, this build is still one of my favourites :) Is the green still pulsed on these pointers? It is the only thing that spoils it when you move the pointer and get the dotted yellow red:( Regards rog8811
  10. rog8811

    Cigar tubes as Host?

    I bought a cigar case to use as a host but ended up padding the inside and use it to carry my RGY laser around. The downside to using it for a host is that it slides together rather than having a screw on cap but this is not insurmountable. Regards rog8811
  11. rog8811

    Making Twelve Volts Three

    Not cheaper, just another option;) @ laserpyro, you can get cheaper than that but if you are ok with the cost it will do the job. Regards rog8811
  12. rog8811

    What is causing this module to do this?

    .....and if it still does it use the volt meter across the batteries to see if the voltage stays up when you switch the laser on. Regards rog8811
  13. rog8811

    need help with lm317 driver

    It looks like you have used second hand components, for testing purposes take out the cap and the diode to see if the circuit works with just the resistors and a test load. Regards rog8811
  14. rog8811

    Making Twelve Volts Three

    If your laser is a greenie you could do what I did in my liquid sky. I just purchased a 12v to 3v adaptor from ebay:) Something like this.... New 12V in car DC voltage regulated adaptor converter on eBay (end time 14-Sep-09 11:34:28 BST) The one I found was wire in and wire out rather than plug...
  15. rog8811

    need help with lm317 driver

    Could you try again with a better photo, I cannot see that one clearly enough to check it out. As HIMNL9 says 12v should not cause any problems, the extra voltage will just be turned into heat by the LM317, it does have an auto shutdown function that kicks in if it gets too hot. Regards rog8811
  16. rog8811

    ROG8811 yellow questions

    Like all my builds I use what I have to hand, at that time I had built many PS3 based blu-rays so I had plenty of sleds. You will see from the LPF thread that I started with the cubes but then found the optics behind the coil/lens assembly and found they were easier to work with. I have not...
  17. rog8811

    need help with lm317 driver

    Have you commoned up all of the outputs as per data sheet? This is to carry the current and it uses the copper on the PCB as a heatsink. Regards rog8811
  18. rog8811

    Special Laser cut Help

    What colour is the backing sheet? I ask as it may effect the laser that you use, different wavelengths have different charecteristics with different colours. Regards rog8811
  19. rog8811

    Question about drivers

    Two years or so ago we were all building drivers like that. They tended to be too large to fit in anything other than a flashlight host. Rkcstr and Dr Lava changed all that by designing small, reliable drivers at an affordable price. I still make LM317 drivers if I need one in a hurry but if...
  20. rog8811

    A test load

    Go to the laser driver page of my website for a test load diagram and instructions for use. Go to my soldering page to learn how to solder. Link below. Regards rog8811