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  1. midnighttattoo

    Legends exist.

    PED. you are a gentleman and a scholar sir. I wanted to publicly thank you for repairing my Kryton groove to a very high standard. PED not only used many of his own parts in this job he also wouldn't hear of taking ANY money for them or even the postal costs. What can I say other than there are...
  2. midnighttattoo

    Another blinking M140

    I have an m140 in a krypton groove. with all anodising removed via caustic soda and polished. It is driven with a mohgasm 1.8 a linear soldered directly to the diode. The diode starts to blink at after 30 seconds. and whilst I know there have been similar issues but I cant seen to find a...
  3. midnighttattoo

    lasers will help save my life.

    I have been diagnosed with throat cancer. If it wasn't for modern lasers treatment would be far more brutal involving nasty invasive and less successful surgery. They will be using lasers during my radio therapy ... so I have to say I have an extra special love for them :) And a grateful...
  4. midnighttattoo


    I would love too copper plate a host. Has anyone ever tried this at home ? If so is the result useable? I.E polishable /thick enough If I am going to send it off somewhere but would love to be able to do it .
  5. midnighttattoo

    my afternoons work ..

    :)Decided to have a go at polishing a host. Knurling was a pig looks lovely I think https://www.dropbox.com/s/gvk502aoqxhgzpw/2013-06-24%2019.50.15.jpg [/URL][/IMG]
  6. midnighttattoo

    setting a driver

    I have a Cajun lasers dummy load. If I need to set a driver for a 405 diode that needs 5.5v would I put the jumper on 5 or 6? because the mv out put is different for either one. I hope im not getting this totally wrong..:whistle:
  7. midnighttattoo

    9mm kryton

    I just bought, from a gentleman on here a kryton groove with 9mm diode and a mohgasm 1.6a linear driver ???.. the member guaranteed it worked properly. some of you here may have seen the advert. The batteries he sent with it were flat so I inserted two fresh 16340 batteries. It was immediately...
  8. midnighttattoo


    Handheld laser PL-D 300 focusable with SmartSwitch and 3 modes | eBay EBAY SCORE? too late I grabbed hope link works if not This laser is Like New. No dents, marks or scratches on it, its in PERFECT condition. It is wery powerful and great build quality. Built in 3 Power modes; low, high...
  9. midnighttattoo


    I am obviously turning into a laser god. Bought an LPC 836 off some Chinese bloke meant to be a mits. any way I learned another lesson in caution I had it wired directly to my power supply .. all was well creeping up the current . got to 500 and it was still only making about 270mw even in a...
  10. midnighttattoo


    Can anyone help me throw any light on this. I recently built a small hand held laser. I bought the diode, an LPC 826 diode from odic force The driver was a round linear 315 ma unit from Mohgasm. The battery was a single 16340 ultra fire. the host was a powerlight b50 with a chunky heatsink...
  11. midnighttattoo

    First Build (that works properly)

    O.K. I attempted a few different lasers recently and spent far too much on stuff to make them :eg: I'm Sure its driving my Dear wife Insane but she has been more than tolerant of all the bits I've been leaving about I.E. Wire clippings , washers general laser building detritus ! She doesn't...
  12. midnighttattoo

    weedy diode?

    I have recently cobbled together a m140 diode with a 1.8 amp X-Drive V6 fixed current driver its being supplied by a 8.4 volt supply Im new to this but this 2w didode is bearly making a watt .. is it possible to half kill it whathave i done wrong ?
  13. midnighttattoo

    Hello from sussex

    Hi Im new here and have recently gained an interest in lasers. I am a tattooist from the south of england so Im realy not sure what interests me so much .I would love to build a laser one day so am slowley picking up bits n bobs . I bought a wicked lasers arctic amd promptly and irrevocably...