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  1. NetGod3Com

    14x Blu-Ray Burners

    I'm givin' er all she's got Cap'n, If I push any harder the whole thing's gonna blow!:D
  2. NetGod3Com

    Obamas "The Beast" Given A £10 Fine

    Funniest thing having to do with the President I have seen in recent history. Gerald Ford's various pratfalls beat it by a mile though.
  3. NetGod3Com

    1-2 Watt 445nm Tutorial (w/ Pictures )

    Nice build and tutorial, welcome to the fold.
  4. NetGod3Com

    New Member

    Welcome, it is always good to hear from a new member familiar with safety.
  5. NetGod3Com

    Best laser for under $20

    I thought it was just some of us Americans that called the great frozen north Canuckistan.:angel: And yes green is definitely the way to go for visibility. Each of your listed choices should serve you well though I have seen numerous posts about very slow service from DinoDirect.
  6. NetGod3Com

    Seller refusing to sell.

    If earthworms had square buttholes, there would be no need for brickyards.:thinking: You would need very small trowels though:whistle:
  7. NetGod3Com

    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    Security closure / locking pin removal device? put it on with top halves together and twist to remove?
  8. NetGod3Com

    Can 1 watt 445nm blind you?

    OP, let me write your next question for you.... If I shoot myself in the chest with a large caliber weapon, will I die? just sayin'
  9. NetGod3Com

    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    It was a late reply, Millirad mentioned Brazil nuts and radioactivity earlier.
  10. NetGod3Com

    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    Brazil nuts have high concentrations of selenium too. I was happy to get one right and will find something to post maybe later, cleaning up for insurance adjuster to come to see hail damage.
  11. NetGod3Com

    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    Phased array radar
  12. NetGod3Com

    what is the most dangerous colour laser ?

    Coherent light with high power density is dangerous. Fairly straightforward.
  13. NetGod3Com

    Guess the Movie

    I got nothin'
  14. NetGod3Com

    Guess the Movie

    Anselm, you beat me by mear seconds
  15. NetGod3Com

    Guess the Movie

    The Great Escape
  16. NetGod3Com

    Bin Laden is dead!

    It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, RIH bin Laden.
  17. NetGod3Com

    if you do not like a member, use the "ignore" feature

    Reminds me of what McCoy said in Fridays Child: What the Klingon has said is unimportant and we do not hear his words. [whispering to Kirk] I just called the Klingon a liar. :na:
  18. NetGod3Com

    Contest (feeler): 2-months, to design a NEW community boost driver!

    The only problem with nobody sells them with hardware is that economies of scale apply when producing hardware, crude example to make the board and get the parts for 1 to 10 might cost $500 to do it at 1000 units might be $1500 these are just ball park numbers to demonstrate that small runs are...
  19. NetGod3Com

    Contest (feeler): 2-months, to design a NEW community boost driver!

    While I agree that the baser nature is someone might run off and manufacture a load of the final design, if that design gets produced by many different people the law of supply and demand should regulate prices accordingly. Free enterprise works fairly well that way, a monopoly tends to cause...