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  1. Presentteck

    Laser Glove / LG-MKII

    I just checked, there are a few guys on youtube who have recently done this, but a lot of them are on the fingers, or hot glued POS. Lasergadgets has a cool one, but it's still an object you pick up and use. Personally, I haven't seen one that can keep up as an item you can function normally...
  2. Presentteck

    Collimating Lens for Jayrob Maglite Mods

    I built one of the original cree maglite mods years ago and love it. :thanks: Jayrob Only had to rebuild once after if rolled down a cliff and later that day, into the ocean, at night, and continued to work. It shook the driver loose (was super glued at the time), and it failed a few weeks...
  3. Presentteck

    $10 Tesla Coil - desktop 15W - musical

    Well maybe your desk isn't the best place for it. It made my computer do all sorts of weird. Starting things I didn't ask it too. Plays music, solid state, good buy if you dont have something nicer already. I've seen the same board as a DIY kit for $50. This one for $10 good to go out of the...
  4. Presentteck

    Lasers and Pyrolytic Graphite - Diamagnetic Levatation

    So i spent a few hours experimenting with my pyrolytic graphite, and condensed it down into about 10 min of video. HARD-CORE NERDS ONLY I got it to move around with my laser, but my magnets were too wide to get it to jump to the next flux pinning position. need smaller cube magnets, not the...
  5. Presentteck

    Rotate prism 45°, image does 90° - why?

    I found this prism a few years back and was amused with its rotational effects. When rotated around the viewing angle, the image rotates twice as fast as you move it. I couldn't find any explanation, possibly because I don't know the correct search term to find it. I took the prism out of its...
  6. Presentteck

    Project Turbo-Fruit: exploding orange - Gforce testing

    Centrifugal stress testing of the produce department. How many G's can an orange survive? Playlist of all videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCEHzOTgkS7SPhUeC1WIuAf1PIi5ecG7R ___________________________________________________________________ Check out PresentTeck Labs for cool...
  7. Presentteck

    ARO MkI

    Click here link to full album on my fb site So very close to functionality, I can taste the brass shavings now. By no means am I near finished, but it's a long term project, between finding parts as they come, and learning my way around the shop. M140 axiz @2w long distance 3 element Lense...
  8. Presentteck

    HeNe testing advice

    So I don't have a proper driver for my HeNe tube at the moment, I picked it up for $5 or $10 at a swap meet a few years back. So I hooked it up to a micro fluorescent tube driver from an old office scanner to see if it would do anything. I know it's terribly under voltage, just testing to see if...
  9. Presentteck

    feeler: LN2 dewer

    I recently obtained some scientific equipment among which were two liquid nitrogen dewers of appx. 4 L volume. I can't see myself ever needing two and am considdering selling the second one. I figure lasers and ln2 together make for some good experiments (seen some cool things done before.) I...
  10. Presentteck

    Why are the pages of LPF so long?

    Really, they're about twice as long as the content and just have two adds... just curious. *shrug* :\
  11. Presentteck

    Simple compression shrink fitting tutorial

    Do you want to press fit your module into a heat sink, but come to find that it's just a tad too bog for the hole? Don't drill it out, make it even stronger! :) I couldn't find anyone talking about it here before, so I thought I'd share it. It can be very useful at times and can make your...
  12. Presentteck

    Anyone used this seller for 445 before?

    I found this on ebay when I was browsing around. It seems a little on the cheap side for 445 and not a lot of info on it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/445nm-1W-0-9W-Blue-Laser-Diode-TO18-5-6mm-/160991822381?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item257bdc422d Supposedly salvaged from a projector? Let me know...
  13. Presentteck

    Projects for the burn?

    Well, spring is here. This means project season for me :) I was reading around the forum and noticed that a lot of you were attendees of the Dirt Rave out in the Nevada desert (aka Burning man) I know it's 6 months out, but most people I know are thinking about what they wish to do around now...
  14. Presentteck

    FS: $25 - 532nm >50mW overspec pen

    EDIT: This is what I have available now, same basic pen with a little more time put into making it look nice ;) For more info on this specific pen, look near the bottom of the thread. $25 + 3.5 s&h to US...
  15. Presentteck

    75mw Fasttech build, < $15

    So I bought a few of the Fasttech 50mw modules the other day for about $9.40 each (if you buy 3). These seem to be growing in popularity due to their cheap cost and the fact that NO ONE HAS RECEIVED ONE THAT IS NOT OVERSPEC :drool: (that is, no one has reported of one here that I have found)...
  16. Presentteck

    Ray Gun host WIP

    Making a few ray guns, this is the first i'll work on. (other needs more parts, like a barrel) I found this pneumatic screwdriver at a thrift shop for $5 a few days ago. It really caught my eye, it looked like it's make a great side arm. :) It took me a while to get all the guts out since they...
  17. Presentteck

    measuring diode size-scc

    Quick question, I cant seem to find it anywhere... Where do you measure the diodes? From the can diameter or the slightly larger base. Thanks for the help
  18. Presentteck

    Hello from Presentteck

    Hi, My online alias is Presentteck. I use it for most things I do anymore. My real name is Brad If anyone wanted to know. I've just started getting into lasers, i've tinkered a bit in the past but now that bluerays are gettin cheaper everything is, it's approaching my price range to play with...