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  1. Blu lase

    Swiss pointer incident msnbc got it wrong!

    That is very sad. And hope it's a lesson to people especially the idiots that want yo point there 5mw in there eye to see what happens. The unfortunate thing is there still going to do it and I hope for there sake it doesn't do the same. And I agree they should have an A4 page of warnings. Blulase
  2. Blu lase

    Solution for warranty problem of Friend BERNI from Lvyi Laser

    Well Hqvent been around that long but clearly I can see he has a major attitude towards LPF which is not healthy. Especially if he plans to plug a product on here. He's lost me just with that message and I have no idea what he's selling Blulase
  3. Blu lase

    Laser eavesdropping project

    Man I think everyone could have some fun with that... Blulase
  4. Blu lase

    LOC active cooled handheld 3 phases

    That is an awesome build,, I cant wait to do something like that.. Lots of reading to do.. Thanks for the show and tell Blulase
  5. Blu lase

    Something to say about Etiquette

    Hi Everyone , I am new to this forum and to the laser community and I am blown away by what this forum has to offer and totally agree with all thats been said... Blulase
  6. Blu lase

    hello,everyone, applycooler is here

    Welcome To LPF
  7. Blu lase

    water resistant arctic?

    Well I definitely wouldnt have done that.. But i guess he did buy 4 arctics.. And he was under the impression that they were water proof.. Blulase
  8. Blu lase

    water resistant arctic?

    hey guys have a look at this, a guy on wickeds forum did this YouTube - Arcticwater1
  9. Blu lase

    LM317 Driver problem

    I would like to award all you guys a rep point. I have learnt a lot from reading all you posts and how helpful you are when people a legitament question and don't fool around. I new nothing about anything when I first joined and I'm gradually picking it up. So I don't know if I can do the...
  10. Blu lase

    New member, long time reader.

    welcome to LPF:D Blulase
  11. Blu lase

    New To The Forums

    Welcome to LPF Blulase
  12. Blu lase

    Request an audience with the Solder gods on LPF

    .Yeah Thanks heaps Im in oz and the one you guys where talking about earlier is about 200 here. So having you help me with expertise has saved a bit of cash.. Thanks again Blulase
  13. Blu lase

    Request an audience with the Solder gods on LPF

    I edited the link hope it works now..
  14. Blu lase

    Request an audience with the Solder gods on LPF

    hey guys would and of these do the job http://search.dse.com.au/electronics/Soldering%20Station hope i did that rite
  15. Blu lase

    Request an audience with the Solder gods on LPF

    Thanks for the advice that you guys of given to the forum... I continue to learn and pick up all this info that will help me and others... awesome question to ask... and recieve equally awesome advice. Blulase
  16. Blu lase

    Putting the Puzzle Together (Pg. 2video+Flaming)

    Re: Putting the Puzzle Together Toaster, I joined this LPF not to long ago, I didnt understand much of anything, I have been doing my own research on here to understand what each of the laser parts do and have found everthing i need to make me understand by doing searches for keywords like...
  17. Blu lase

    Review - *STAR* laserpointer 405nm/532nm/650nm

    Hi DJNY Love the red with the 3d effect looks awesome.. I forgot how great the reds look... Im just getting into the Laser society with the intention to build a laser or 2 and this forum is great its full of info and excellent reviews Blulase
  18. Blu lase

    dogs with freaking laser beams attached to their heads

    Lol that would get both cat and gf fit.. No more gym fee's
  19. Blu lase


    G'day Welcome to LPF
  20. Blu lase

    New guy with a new green laser : )

    G'day Shadow357 Welcome to LPF