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  1. Cenobite9

    OPT Lasers Cylindric lenses - NUBM44 beam correction tests

    I received my 6x pair from Opt Lasers. Using the 6x pair by itself gave me a decent spot from a NUBM44. I tried combining a 6x with a 4x from LSP but 24x was a bit too much. I could not get a spot regardless of lens position. Just an ugly line and lots of splash. I might purchase a 3x from...
  2. Cenobite9

    OPT Lasers Cylindric lenses - NUBM44 beam correction tests

    Hello all, I have been monitoring this thread off and on for some time now. I have a 4x lens pair from Lasershow Parts that I have been experimenting with using a NUBM44 diode. I just purchased a 6x pair from OPT Lasers and will be experimenting with that pair as well as combinations of the...
  3. Cenobite9

    Nichia NUBM44 in L2 Host

    Here is my latest... a Nichia NUBM44 at ~6.8 watts housed in a Solar Force L2 host via a custom heat sink module from JayRob. This one was a pain in the butt to build as I had to undo a lot of Jordan's beautiful solder connections to install the module and driver into the heat sink module. I...
  4. Cenobite9

    Glow Forge

    Wow, so kind of like lasing a microwave...
  5. Cenobite9

    Glow Forge

    Hi all, I was distracted one day by an ad for the Glow Forge 3D laser printer so I went to their site and while looking at the specs I saw it used what was described as a 10,600nm 40 watt CO2 laser to do the cutting. My question is does a 10,600nm wavelength exist or is that a misprint?
  6. Cenobite9

    Hi Jay, Are you still making the L2P heatsinks? If so, I would like one to the following specs...

    Hi Jay, Are you still making the L2P heatsinks? If so, I would like one to the following specs: heatsink (v5 thermal glued version) EZ Focus adapter (smooth)
  7. Cenobite9

    The dangers of lasers

    Well, today turned out to be an unfortunate day. I left my newly built 462nm 2 watt laser in the center console of my car while I was eating. Sometime during my dinner the inner part of my laser's end cap popped loose and closed the circuit thus putting my laser in a constant on position. The...
  8. Cenobite9

    NDB7A75 w ball lens - $120 shipped on eBay

    I've removed several of the stock projector lenses from their holders. A two hour alcohol bath (ethyl) makes the job much easier. The alcohol will soften the glue and all that is needed after that is some careful work with pliers. I use two pairs and grasp on each side of the lens holder and...
  9. Cenobite9

    Can it be true? 70W laser diode?

    Since it's in the IR band.... maybe....
  10. Cenobite9

    The amazing M-140 445nm diode?

    I just hope the stock of these new diodes stays around. I had to sell off most of my laser collection so I could pay bills :-( So next year I am going to build a new 445 once my tax return comes in...
  11. Cenobite9

    My Upgraded 12x 405

    I am a little less careful since I can get these things for $52 shipped from Rayfoss... better than the old days of buying a $200 drive :D
  12. Cenobite9

    Are reasonably priced 12x's really that hard to find?

    Hi Cad602, if the BDR-S06J is the same diode from the LG 10x Blu-ray writer then I can say it will easily handle around 550mA as long as it is properly cooled. I had one running at 575mA producing 750mW before I upgraded the diode to a BW512. I still have the original diode if anyone wants it.
  13. Cenobite9

    My Upgraded 12x 405

    Hi all, I just recently finished upgrading my old 10x 405 to a new BW512 405. I'm pretty impressed with the results: 847mW @ 575mA Here's my equipment list: SolarForce L2P host Jayrob SolaForce heatsink Aixiz module 405-G-1 lens Microboost driver Samsung ICR 18650 battery I used a LaserBee...
  14. Cenobite9

    Are reasonably priced 12x's really that hard to find?

    I've been getting my 405s from Rayfoss lately. The last one I received was this one www.rayfoss.com It produces over 830mW with 546mA from a Microboost driver.
  15. Cenobite9

    Lava Micro FlexDrive Driver (lavadrive2) fits pens

    Yay, the order page shows "In stock"!!! I just ordered one FlexDrive and one MicroBoost driver. Hopefully the "In stock" is not just a cruel joke... LOL.
  16. Cenobite9

    637nm HL63133DG Build

    I thought there were issues using the Flex drives with these diodes because they are case positive... I'm probably mistaken but I could have sworn I read that somewhere. I hope the diode does work fine with that driver because I have an extra FlexDrive that I was going to use for a red build...
  17. Cenobite9

    832mw 405 (BW512L)

    Thanks danefex! I told him the 405s don't usually live very long at that power but he seems ok knowing it may die alot sooner than his previous one. I hardly ever use my lasers so they usually last a long time. I just like to see how strong I can make 'em :D
  18. Cenobite9

    832mw 405 (BW512L)

    Wow, this little guy really surprised me! This is a pic of the power reading for a laser I fixed for a friend of mine. This 405 is built in a Dorcy Jr host and originally used a diode from store bought Pioneer 12x Blu-ray writer with a FlexDrive v5. He managed to burn the diode out after...
  19. Cenobite9

    What were they thinking?

    Maybe he's hoping one of his video's ends up on Tosh.0 or something... anywho, I seriously hope no one actaully tries to 'reflect' a laser off their eye because of this video.