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  1. Tomorrows System

    Cylindrical lens pairs, correction optics, anamorphic application

    Hello Guys! Special discound for LPF members comparing to Ebay price :) Each lens pair is 65USD + 5 USD shipping worldwide. For larger quantity a discount will be applied :) If you have any question or need more info/photos, feel free to ask First pair is dedicated for red...
  2. Tomorrows System

    Hello from Poland

    Hello Guys! I'm Mateusz Szymański [ʃɪmʌŋskɪ] ^^, and together with friends we decided to set up the laser company. For the long time I was just playing with lasers, testing new laser diodes, drivers etc, but it became my main job after 2 or 3 years. We are the only laser module and driver...
  3. Tomorrows System

    Whole line of high power, fast laser diode drivers.

    Hello guys, since best way to know you did something well or not is to put it on the forum and let people ask question. I decided to start thread with my own line of laser diode drivers. There will be tiny ones, advanced ones with TEC cooling, even 60-100A drivers. I was working many months on...