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  1. midnighttattoo

    Maybe a noobish question..

    build costs. a lot more work in a green ..
  2. midnighttattoo

    Old guys and prostate cancer

    totally concur. just been through some nasty treatment.. worth a check..
  3. midnighttattoo

    lasers will help save my life.

    still here guys :)
  4. midnighttattoo

    Legends exist.

    Yeah the fight is going ok. finished my first 6 weeks of treatment. The treatment makes you very ill but its part and parcel I suppose.
  5. midnighttattoo

    Legends exist.

    PED. you are a gentleman and a scholar sir. I wanted to publicly thank you for repairing my Kryton groove to a very high standard. PED not only used many of his own parts in this job he also wouldn't hear of taking ANY money for them or even the postal costs. What can I say other than there are...
  6. midnighttattoo

    9mm kryton

    Lovely work .Im really looking forward to it . I think I have a driver I can send you. I owe you BIG style PED
  7. midnighttattoo

    Can't find any reviews...opinions?

    spend a few more dollars.. be safe :-)
  8. midnighttattoo

    9mm kryton

    WOW looking very neat nice work Ped very much appreciated .. looking forward to it. sorry for delay in replying ..
  9. midnighttattoo

    Another blinking M140

    ok nice one I have stuck a big sink on it so ill add even more :-)
  10. midnighttattoo

    Another blinking M140

    I have an m140 in a krypton groove. with all anodising removed via caustic soda and polished. It is driven with a mohgasm 1.8 a linear soldered directly to the diode. The diode starts to blink at after 30 seconds. and whilst I know there have been similar issues but I cant seen to find a...
  11. midnighttattoo

    1000mW 450nm Blue Laser

    Ive seen 10000mw greens advertised , seems our Asian friends are just slapping any old numbers on the power..
  12. midnighttattoo

    hows the smoking dood

    hows the smoking dood
  13. midnighttattoo

    First red built

    lovely little build .. mine made 280 mw at 478 with a glass three element batteries made a difference too !
  14. midnighttattoo

    Extracting fluorescein from highlighters

    COOL VIDEO thanks .. It did make me go and look for the raw powder though..
  15. midnighttattoo

    Amazingly cheap hid flash light! Hurry limited stock!

    No the loop hole was listing under cars... CLEVER theives
  16. midnighttattoo

    Amazingly cheap hid flash light! Hurry limited stock!

    AH seller no longer registered user...... I managed to get a refund because of my incessant complaining and griping
  17. midnighttattoo

    using lasers against... surveillance drones?

    they would just paint them silver....
  18. midnighttattoo

    5mW 405nm Ebay Blue/Violet Laser

    Good one doing a review... if they cant get the wavelength right then I wouldn't trust their power statement ... We all love over spec but someones gunna lose an eye one day