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    Laser goggles on top of glasses?

    I have some pretty horrible eyesight, about -6 diopters, so I can't really see anything without my glasses. How do I wear laser safety goggles and maintain usable vision? On top of the glasses doesn't seem to really work, unless there's a special type of goggle to do so with? PS: what is with...
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    Hi guys! Was looking to make a high powered laser when I came across this forum. I love this place so far, and already own a pair of covers for my orbs of sight. P.S. My friend's dog is called pointer, just wanted to point that out.
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    Any place newbies can post questions?

    I'm new to this hobby and have a bunch of potentially stupid questions I want to ask. I realize this is a forum so I'm not going to continually post questions one after another until somebody gets mad. I've tried using the search bar, but many times I don't even know the term I'm looking for...