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    1.25w 445nm rhd built laser

    Hey guys this is a 1.25w 445nm built by rhd. It has a custom focusing knob. It has little use on it I thought I would use it a lot more. Still in really excellent condition. I paid 200+shipping at the time without batteries or charger. I will include those and a pair of dragon laser safety...
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    Battery amp question

    Just curious how the amperage plays a roll in batterys. I have some guesses but what I'd really like to know is what kind of effect is using a battery 200mah less then the one that was with my laser from the manufacturer. A 3.7v 3000mah compared to a 3.7v 2800mah.
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    Lasers and temperature

    I think a lot of us ( hopefully) understand what heat can do to a laser. Just out of curiosity what can the cold do to a laser and it's components? I travel for work and it's getting into the single digits at night where I'm staying right now. Thanks!
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    WL Facebook contesT

    Just thought you woul all find it as sick as I do. They're contest was to post a comment with "dear WL all I want for Christmas is_____" the winners comment said I own all of your other laser besides the 1w krypton. So they gave it to him. At least he's not 12.....
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    Tulsa laser enthusiast and Lpm?

    Just looking for some other laser hobbyists and maybe someone to Lpm my 500mw crown upgraded 532. Thanks
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    O'like 500mw Crown Upgraded DOA

    Hey guys I just got my greenie from o'like yesterday. Charged that bad boy up and the laser runs all of 1 second and drains power all the way to 0. It's been doing that right out of the box. I only just sent an email before I posted this. So let's see what our outcome is. The host is really...