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    Helping with WL order status

    If you have placed an order with Wicked and would like an update on its statues etc. I will be able to help you with that. PM me on LC or here. Please keep in mind I'm one person (and work full time), so depending on how bombarded I am it may take some time to get to everyone, but I try to get...
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    Spyder III - also available in lower outputs

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you all know I found out that the Spyder III model form Wicked Lasers will also be available in lower output models as well as the high ones. Many people seemed to like the Spyder III design and had requested it be available in other formats. They will apparently...
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    Please take better Care of your lasers

    Hi everyone, This is Athoul from Laser Community. In the last month I have had 7 green laser units sent to me for repairs, which is much more then usual.  Upon inspection, three of them were damaged due to over voltage being used to try and crank out more power from the laser.  In these cases...
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    Some More Lasers For Sale

    Spyder 1 - 300mW. New condition, only used for testing. $600 Nexus 100mW Executive. Brand new, unused except for testing output. $180
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    A few lasers for sale

    Hi guys, it looks like the system crash deleted a few recent topics; so I thought I would re-post this again. Any PM's sent to me have been lost as well due to the crash. Please note shipping costs has not been factored in. Spyder II GX(532nm) - sold 1x Photonic Disruptor 100mW+ @532nm - sold...