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    Fs: lasers and lpm

    All items sold. Thank you 1. 3.5w 445nm copper dominator by blord. Sold 2. 1.6w 445nm WL arctic Sold Comes with extended lens kit, battery, safety glasses. 3. 800mw 532nm jetlaser ple pro. $400 I also have a laserbee lpm for sale. It is the 5w model with data logging software...
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    3w+ 445nm problem?

    Just got my laser in today and here is a couple Pictures of the dot... Roughly 10 ft away [/URL][/IMG] Roughly four feet away [/URL][/IMG] Anyone know what the issue could be? Thanks in advanced.
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    Hello all.

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and am excited to start interacting and learning more from all of you. I'm in the pest control business and a student (medical bound). Recovering from bad motorcycle accident I decided to pick up a new hobby over the last year and chose lasers.