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    G2 Lens Supplier-ONLY $7 per lens

    Hello, I would like to reach out and see if anyone would like to buy G2 or G7 lenses from me, the price is $7 with a 25 min purchase, currently the cheapest these sell for is 15 dollars on ebay, and some companies sell them for 25 dollars. Shipping will be provided for free, please instant...
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    Micro Driver Options

    Hello All, I have searched a lot on this forum, google, and laser stores trying to find small drivers for a pocket build for violet, red, and blue diodes. There are only 2 small drivers (15mm length or smaller) I can find, and availability seems very limited. Micro Flex Driver $20-25 Nano...
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    Drivers Needed: Large Quantity

    Hello, If no member can provide this than I would greatly appreciate suggestions :) I am looking for small laser boost drivers (11mmx15mm or smaller). I am looking to buy up to 100, so wholesale pricing is a must. I would prefer to buy and therefore support a member on this forum. I want to...
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    Thoughts on my design

    Hello All, I am an engineer and my goal is to make custom compact laser housings that can support strong diodes (1 watt for now) Here is a design based on a CR2 battery, let me know your thoughts!? It will be able to support any diode as long as the driver is small (15 x10mm) I know there...
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    High Drain Small Batteries!

    Hello All, I plan to do some keychain and pocket laser builds and I am having trouble finding a battery that fits my needs. I am interested in 1/2AA and 2/3AA (10280) batteries. Jayrob has a keychain build that uses a 10280, but the highest current I can find for a battery of that type is...
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    Hello My Name Is Chris!!

    Hello All, I have been lurking around here for a while, and I am glad to join finally! I am an engineer and I have some laser housing designs, my goal it to produce them, as most custom housings are from flashlights, but I want ones designed for lasers from the get go! I am hoping this will...