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    I need help to make this cheap chinese laser burn.

    So I've ordered cheap laser from ebay for like 5$, today it arrived and its bright as hell.. Its way brigther than my optotronics 5mw laser (which can peak up to 9mw) You even see beam little bit when room has medium light level in it. I tried turning on laser on my hand and I can feel it...
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    Can 8-9 mw laser burn?

    I've bought optotronics 5mw laser, jay told me it goes up to 8-9 mw when it heats up and was just wondering can this power burn something? If not raw maybe with magnification glass? I'm still complete noob when it comes to laser so I thought I would ask here :bowdown:
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    Fun stuff to do with lasers? :P

    I received my optotronics 5 mw green laser, epic stuff. First time seeing beam made me wow.. Today I did google and searched up what stuff can I do using lasers and I stumbled across video which transforms your laser light into microscope, basically I saw bacterias from water drop.. Pretty cool...
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    Which laser to get?

    I'm really impressed by lasers and I really want 5 mW laser for beggining as its not dangerous. I never had any laser other than cheap chinese ones you buy in any store for few bucks. I'm from Croatia if anyone wonders, it can help you determine whether the laser can be shipped here or no. My...