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    Recommendation on driver to use for TTL with BDR-209

    Hi guys, I figured out that I destroyed my BDR-209 by pulsing the ground to my ACS1500SE driver(Lesson learned). The reason I was doing this was to achieve TTL and it worked for about 6 hours before burning out. I'm hoping someone can recommend a driver to use with the BDR-209 where I can...
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    Should I not be doing this? BDR-209

    Hi guys, I've burned out 2 BDR-209 laser modules that I bought from DTR's laser shop and I'm trying to figure out why. Since the driver doesn't seem to have ability to use a TTL signal, I'm just supplying a constant +8.5V to the driver and pulsing the ground to achieve TTL. Is it possible that...
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    Best diode and lens for long distance burning

    Hi laser lovers, I've been playing around with a sort of unique project. I made an engraver that can burn images at a distance. I'd like to use it to do large pieces, and maybe to mark layouts for an artist to do their thing. For the picture you see, I am using DTR's 7W NUBM44 V2 450nm Diode...