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    *Price Drop* Alpha series laser A-105 pk130 avg127

    Hi all, I am putting up for sale an Alpha series green laser since I have two. You will have a choice of which one you want. One of them is from Nova and the other is made by CNI (well actually both are) In the pictures and videos that follow, the stickerless one and the warning stickered one...
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    FS: WL RED Lasershades for red laser w goggle case

    WickedLasers Red Lasershades | $40 shipped This is the rarer one with blue lens that protects against blue lasers. I have extras so this one is going for sale. Comes with WL goggle case and cleaning cloth. I have two types of WL goggle cases strangely. one is more angled than the other but they...
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    Sentorch, Blu-Ray, Alpha-65, Red GB diode cheap

    The new year brings a minor financial crisis so my laser collection has to go. :'( Anyway here is what is up for grabs... and some freebies as well with every purchase of a laser. Prices include CONUS shipping. Lasers -200mW Sentorch | $140 Easily my most powerful burner even focussed at...
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    Beam color difference between DX and CNI 532nm

    I noticed a difference in beam color between my NL X-85 and my DX200 laser. Under NL's sport elite goggles, the x85 dot appears green whereas the DX dot has a slight orange/yellow tinge to it. Is this indicative of IR leakage from the DX laser? Any thoughts will be welcome. Or if anyone has a...
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    lots of DX New wish modules and housings

    Just one of them here. search the red and green laser categories for all the new stuff there is even IR but the power rating seems screwed. Cheap 5mw green in nice new style cr2 housing Greenies Reds und so weiter...
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    LaserSaber E $29.95 shipped

    The maker of LaserSaber and Tunnel Gun has come up with an economy LaserSaber for those on a budget who want to check out how a LaserSaber works or just want a new toy and cheap for your high powered laser. http://www.lasersaber.com/LaserSaberE.html I was intrigued by how the LaserSaber...
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    FS: Glendale Uvex 532nm safety glasses CE $35

    For sale is a new pair of Glendale-Uvex OTG laser safety goggles for 532nm green lasers. $35 shipped CONUS. Model of the frame: Uvex Astro OTG 3001 Model of lens: L99-OTG-ARCE/LU. Rating: D.I. 488 L5 X CE + D.R. 532 L5 X CE == OD5 D= Continuous wave I= Pulsed R= Giant Pulsed VLT: 50% High...
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    KD 30mW Green Laser Pointer $17.61

    https://www.kaidomain.com/WEBUI/ProductDetail.aspx?TranID=3574 Price wars or overrated?
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    Die4Drive for BluRay lasers (also for GB diodes)

    In my initial search for BR drivers I came across the modified Die4Drive being used by andy_con for his blu_ray burner laser. So I shot him an email inquiring about the modified driver. Although I am currently building my own driver, I thought others might be interested in a small and...
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    Blu-ray diode PS3 KES-400A price drop. $27

    PSX boy has dropped his prices for these modules. They are now $30 for 1 $27 for 5+ units + shipping + Paypal fee Might not be as good at drlava's GB price for single pieces but probably about the same if you are buying >5 pieces. And it ships straight to you USPS doesn't eat all the money...
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    100mW Red laser module+circuit  at KD! $42.53

    https://www.kaidomain.com/WEBUI/ProductDetail.aspx?TranID=3511 This seems pretty cheap imo. Now would it really be 100mW? Model: HLM1845 Condition: Brand New with PCB Red Laser Diode Beam Output Power Max: 100mW Wavelength: 655nm Input: AC 9V @ 5A Output Mode: Constant Wave Material : Aluminum...
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    DX179mW Green Laser SenKat tested + WickedShades

    I am putting up for sale a DX200mW Laser which I sent to Greg for output testing. Results: Steady 179mW of IR filtered green output Tested on brand new alkaline Energizer AAAs On hand with SenKat to be shipped Priority Mail PM me any reasonable offers. You will get a tested laser. I will...
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    Focus mod for green lasers: some questions

    So is there anything I need to know to do a focus mod for a 532nm laser or can I just take an already collimated laser and... slap 2 lenses in front center the beam on the lenses align the lenses at ~2f make one of the lenses adjustable Is this all there is to it? Some questions... What...
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    NOVA Case anyone? Laser case for $11/$15

    Luxury Aluminum Hard Case for PSP Slim / 2000 $15.44 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.8764~r.84593390 Dimensions: 7.48 in x 3.94 in x 2.24 in Full aluminum, same clasp as Nova case about twice as wide but with different foam cut out. Put your own foam cutout inside and this case could...
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    Concerns about 532nm Wicked lasershades + reviews

    I have acquired 3 different sets of green laser protection glasses for 532nm: Wicked Lasershades (red 532nm) Nova Shields Sport (orange 532/473nm) Red Laser glasses (red 532nm) I am somewhat concerned about the amount of green light that is let through by Wicked Lasershades (532nm) Shining a...
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    InfRared ^

    Just thought I'd like to mention the typo in the Board title which bugs me everytime I see it. Maybe it bugs you too but nobody ever mentions it :-X Haha feel free to delete this thread after the typo is corrected. ::)
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    Orange/Yellow beam?

    I attempted to get an orange/yellow beam last night by combining green and red beams using a beam splitter with a very hodgepodge setup which anyone can do. Took a little bit of aligning though. Supposed to have a 4:1 ratio afaik Red-> ~100+mW Green-> DX true 30mW The actual output is much...
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    Blu-Ray laser + RGV beamshots

    A few pics I took after getting my Blu-Ray laser module from Leslie today. This little baby is just awesome. Violet Module Beam shots RGV Gotta get some of those GITD stars to play with.
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    50mW Green CR2 $68.50@DX $26.51@Kai+price drops!!!

    Is this price for real? $26.51 50mW Green Laser Pointer CR2 https://www.kaidomain.com/WEBUI/ProductDetail.aspx?TranID=2180 The same laser costs $68.51 at DX http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.4364~r.84593390 Massive price drops for Kai greenies: 200mW $106.36...
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    Blue laser diodes

    Anyone know if there are any blue laser diodes available commercially? I'm talking about blue and not (blu-ray)violet diodes. GaN based and not DPSS modules. I'm quite sure Nichia makes these blue diodes but are there any other major manufacturers or distributors? Or is this technology still in...