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    Lens repair

    I got a laser that has the lens a bit scratched so I tough it's possible to repair it? (The dot is ugly) Thanks
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    *tips to save your eyes* reflective surface

    Recently I get a 50 mw laser and a 5 mw but I was scared about eye damage so. I decided to stick some days with the green a while and search for reflective surface that you should never point I do it the most safety I can. And I get this results Mirrors (obviously) Windows (glass). Don't they...
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    Does they are trust worth? http://www.optotronics.com/proddetail.php?prod=Opto30#reviews
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    Help!!!! Need an advice (green laser)

    I'm relatively new on the laser world and I'm interested on buy a good laser that I can see the beam during the night and a normal (not really lit) room; I know lasers are not toys and they need a great responsibility so, which MW is good for that and safety for my surrounding and eyes? ( I was...